Major 'Glee' Move May Happen Much Sooner Than We Thought

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'Glee' in NYCTo say I was excited when the news broke that Lea Michele may be getting a Glee spinoff, well, that's an understatement. Considering Rachel Berry has been my favorite character from season 1 -- the thought of watching her take things in a new direction in New York City is just super appealing. But it sounds like we may not have to wait for a Rachel Berry spinoff to see our favorite Gleeks take Manhattan. Get this: Glee could move entirely to NYC.

As in, there are rumors it may happen mid-season and that there may be a bit of a time jump in order to make this all make sense.

I know. Deep breaths. This. Could. Be. HUGE!

You know what this means, don't you? That some of the McKinley students that have been added on in recent years, including Marley (Melissa Benoist), Unique (Alex Newell), Ryder (Blake Jenner), and Jake (Jacob Artist), may be dunzo. And I'm only slightly worried what this all means for Blaine and Sam. Rumor has it that both Glee studs will be "looking at colleges in Manhattan" come episode 6 of this season -- so that will place them in the big city if the show does indeed decide to make the time jump.

Exhale, this is a LOT to digest. However, just like with the concept of a Lea Michele spinoff, this whole time jump, moving Glee entirely to NYC idea feels right. After the Cory Monteith tragedy, the show needs something fresh, and something tells me the bump to Manhattan could be the perfect remedy.

Would you want to see Glee strictly based in NYC? Who would you miss the most from the cast?


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Chris Douglas

Yes Definitely, Glee needs a major face lift although this season thus far is fun and exciting. I will always be a Gleek!

Misty Be

I would like things to remain as they are, where we follow the glee kids still in school and the New York people.

But already the show feels different without Corey.

Chelsea Underwood

The storyline in NYC is way more interesting but I don't think traveling to NY soley makes any senese. And a Rachel spin-off is just kind of cheesy. Could be interesting but not crazy about it. 

Laura Preville Sheriff

I can't stand the new people anyway. Brittney was my favorite and I'm sad that she's gone.

ninag... ninag1980

I always fast forward to the Rachel anyway, the highschool scenes are boring.  Same ole, same ole.  They are trying to replace the kids that graduated with different actors, but basically same personalities.

Traci... Traci_Momof2

My biggest question would be what does that mean for the characters of Will and Emma?  And Sue for that matter?  Not to mention Beist and Figgins.  There are some adults at McKinnley that play a big part in the storyline, but wouldn't really make any sense moving to NYC.  I'm not saying it would be a bad move.  It would just be very different.  But then, without Finn things are very different anyway.

DH and I will likely keep watching it no matter what direction they take the show.  We love it.  We also have the first few seasons on DVD for anytime we are missing "the good old days" of Glee.

Cassie Sprigg

Does Glee need to focus on one thing? Yes.

But the only stories I've really cared about, this season (as a 25 year old) have still been the ones that happen at McKinley. People relate more to the stuff that's closest to home. NYC Glee has always felt so different from McKinley Glee, and not in a good way. If it's a spinoff? Fine. But if they let go of the original Glee feel with the new cast? They're done, in my book.

We're having a Saved by the Bell goes to college moment, and I really don't think it'll work.

Ailsa Pearcey

I will miss Blaine Anderson he is one of my favourite characters

nonmember avatar jen

Keep Unique and Kitty, the other three can probably go.....although Jake has some potential..he better start wowing us.

Sarah Sleder

Keep Blaine and Sam and Marley i love them but not as much as Kurt and Rachel

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