Kim Kardashian Gets Shocking Warning About Kanye West -- Run, Kim, Run!

kim kardashian kanye westEven before Kim Kardashian went public with her relationship with Kanye West, there's been evidence that he might be a bit controlling. Remember the ep of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on which he made her overhaul her entire wardrobe? Uh, yep ... Well, now that they're engaged, Life & Style is reporting that Kim's friends are hesitant about her marrying Kanye.

These supposed friends are worried Kim's been acting like a "robot" since Kanye put a ring on it, pointing to her appearance on Jay Leno and noting, "It was as if she’d been brainwashed about what to say. She didn’t have a sparkle in her eye that she once had.”

She also seems less spark-y since her pre-Kanye days. But if that isn't enough to convince you of trouble in paradise, there's more ...

Apparently, “Kanye's calling the shots about the wedding, the house they’re constructing, everything down to what shoes she’s gonna wear to events. Kim doesn’t think she’s being controlled. She’s ‘deciding’ to do whatever Kanye wants. She’s so in the Kanye bubble right now.”

I worry that there is some truth to this, because Kim has been taking a backseat in a lot of ways it seems. Every time she's discussed her wedding, she defaults to "whatever Kanye wants." There's a fine line between being so in love that you're incredibly laidback/totally open to whatever your partner wants, but ultimately, you reach a decision jointly, and being so under someone's thumb that you're doing whatever they want.

Healthy relationships are built on loving someone for who they truly are, not who you want to mold them into. I'm also of the belief that the best relationships are egalitarian -- not one person in the driver's seat and another person way in the back, just along for the ride, no questions asked. The only way I could think to describe a relationship where one partner is calling all the shots -- to the extent that they're dampening the other's desires, interests, free will! -- is manipulative. Maybe toxic. And if that's what's going on here, I would HOPE Kim's friends would be disillusioned (at least!), if not freaking out about her decision to marry Kanye!

Then again, perhaps Kim likes being in the backseat for once -- or she always has, considering how her momager Kris Jenner sort of ran the show up until now. But still, if there's even a smidge of truth to the idea that Kanye's quashed her spirit for his own self-interest, she needs to RUN.

Do you think Kim may be in a toxic relationship?


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nonmember avatar Nannette

Really? Her mother controlled her every move. This is what she is accustom too! Your surprised?

Lill-Jeanette Sunde

i think she might be in a unhelthy relationship with Kanye

nonmember avatar sandy

Having been in a "toxic," emotionally and psychologically destructive relationship for six years, I know how easy it is to convince yourself that keeping quiet and being "laid back" are the golden ticket to peace and love. The only way through and out of that kind of situation is to: a) listen to your friends' concerns, and think honestly about their words when you have time to process; b) ask yourself when you were happiest and/or most felt like YOU; and c) if you have a daughter/s, ask yourself if you would ever want them to feel what you are feeling, and behave as you are behaving. If the answers are any of the following: a) my friends don't know me at all; b) x number of years ago, before you were with your man; or c) NO!, then there is a problem. Something tells me that Kim would have a hard time with these questions. I truly wish her well; there is no shame in her loving Kanye, but she owes it to herself and North to love herself more and first. If that means no wedding and no marriage, so be it: Kim, there is so much, much more ahead of you; this is not your last stop on the ride of life.

nonmember avatar maureen

Her first husband was very controlling. She's not an independent spirit by any means. Man or Mom, she passes control to somebody.

Sandra Saunders

Yes, Kim is indeed in a toxic relationship.  Please understand that when a woman (most) are in love with a man and he is with her, she feels secured and don't want to break that bond.  She condescends to another level to satisfy him.  It is difficult to change that behaviour, but with God's help, it can improve.  At a time like this, she won't pray for Kanye to back down a bit, instead she will want his love to grow stronger.  


Yolanda Raley

Yes!! Who's idea was it for her to go blonde? I'm sure it was Kanye. She looks must butter as a brunette.

nonmember avatar Thea

Very toxic relationship! !

nonmember avatar cynthex

Just let them be for God sake. No one is controlling Kim. Bcos she knew wen to yes nd no and flash back hw she left Chris Humphrey. Rmber people she knows what she want.

nonmember avatar Jen

I don't follow these people whatsoever, but isn't this going to be her 4th wedding? She's probably had it her way every single one of those times, if he wants to plan it, its his day too. She is doing herself a favor by toning the crap down too. She is for the most part a joke, and there is nowhere to go but up from there. She is a mom now, she needs to class it up.

Julia Palazzolo

It may be "normal" for her to be controlled and manipulated, but it certainly isn't healthy.  Kanye is controlling and narcissistic, and I believe this relationship is very toxic.  I wouldn't particularly care, but I am concerned that young girls look to these people as role models, and they are not people I would want the upcoming generation to emulate.

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