Robert Pattinson Misses 'Quiet Times' With Kristen Stewart

kristen stewartAccording to reports, Robert Pattinson misses "quiet times" with Kristen Stewart. Oh, you didn't know Rob and Kristen had a weird fetish, where they acted like toddlers for a few hours a day? They'd do things like draw on walls, drink milk out of sippy cups, and have "quiet time" together. Cute, but super weird and kinda sick, if you ask me.

Just kidding. Rob and Kristen have nothing to do with toddlers. But Rob does reportedly miss KStew and their "quiet times" together. So much so that they're in "constant contact."

All together now: Ooooooooh!!!!

Sources claim that Rob and Kristen are all but full-on back together right now. The pair have apparently had a series of clandestine meetings recently; a Robsten pal saying, "They have to be secretive. They will drive far away if it means they can be alone. It’s the only way they can rebuild." Hear that, guys? They will rebuild! Evidently, Rob realized what he was missing with Kristen after he hung out with a series of women recently. And Kristen? Well, we all know Kristen's been wanting to get back with Rob for a while now.

So, if you believe the ol' where there's smoke, there's fire theory, it looks like it's only a matter of time before Rob and Kristy are back to being a couple. And once they're reunited and enjoying their highly coveted quiet times together, all will be right with the world. Forever and ever, amen.

Do you think Rob should take Kristen back?


Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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Deborah Boyd Brenneman


nonmember avatar em

I am sooooo happy. They have true love that is so hard to find. I love them as a couple they are beautiful couple.GOOD LUCK LOVE YA

Valeriya Abrahamova


Deborah Santos

yes!!! they are soul mates have to be together anyway

Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

Yes they should get back together,marry her and a lot of babies. Pay Attention , Reporter/ Cameraman stay away from them .... They need quiet times. Don't dare bother like crazy people obsession . That's mean go crazy hospital Reporter/Cameraman belong. So leave them alone foe time being.

Barb Jarvi

I think you all should give them the time they need.pass this on to rob and kristen head for a mountain retreat and enjoy.


Mary Santora

i still say they never broke up 2 begin withn y should he take her back he is the one who left her--it should have said should Kristen take Rob back---they r together n will always b

nonmember avatar Monica

They are a beautiful couple young couples make mistakes how else do you learn if their love is as strong as it looks like I think they can make it

Evelyn Williams

Everyone makes mistakes, if we didn't, where would the lesson be? I have not met one perfect person on this earth. I think everyone is allowed to have a few quirks, be it sippy cups or "wall art".  If it keeps a body sane, I say go for it. I love quiet times, I get my best thinking done then. All the best to them both!

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