Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Celebrate His Birthday Together

khloe kardashianJust when you thought you knew what was going on with Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, they go and spend Lamar's birthday together. According to Us Weekly, Khloe and Lamar celebrated his 34th birthday "together at home" on Wednesday. And if that's not enough to make you believe a reconciliation is two shakes of a lamb's tail away, get this: Lamar was also there with the Kardashian-Jenner clan to celebrate Kris Jenner's 58th birthday at her Calabasas home on Tuesday. 

Wow. I didn't think it would happen, but these two really seem like they're getting back together. Yay?

In a way, I can kind of understand Khloe spending Lamar's birthday with him. Despite all the crap things he's done to her, it would have to be hard to leave someone you love, and technically are married to, alone on their birthday. But Khloe bringing Lamar to her mom's birthday party takes things to another level. That's not "oh, you're alone on your bday and I feel bad for you"; that's "come on, come hang out with my entire family, like nothing ever happened!"

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Khloe seems like a smart person, so I trust she'll make the right decision when the time comes. But don't be bamboozled by a man who's lonely on his birthday, Khloe. It should take a lot more to win you back than that.

Do you want Khloe and Lamar to get back together?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram



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2nino... 2ninos4me

thats why men cheat on women like her . because they have "carpet-syndrome" and like to get walked on ALL THE TIME

Baile... Bailey8307

That was a really cruel comment from 2ninos... You have no right to judge her decision to stand by her man. In fact I think it is very honorable. Marriage is supposed to be forever. Of course there are cases where divorce is the right choice and I wouldn't have blamed Khloe if she had chosen to leave him. Mistakes will be made by both parties in every single marriage ever, but it is a personal choice whether you are willing to put in the work to get through those hard times. It is obvious the love they have for one another and I do hope they can work it out and I also hope Lamar gets treatment for his addiction. He seems like he has a good heart and was good to Khloe before the drugs and cheating.

nonmember avatar sandy

Said it once, and then many more times: If there is any way for Khloe and Lamar to reunite AND for Lamar to be healthy AND for Khloe to feel happy and secure, YES, I hope they stay together. Khloe has been very realistic since the truth about Lamar's drug use was revealed, and she has grieved openly: I do not for one second think she is taking a reunion lightly, but I also think she and Lamar are entitled to celebrate every small piece of happiness along the way.

Shaena Ragin

Very well stated @Bailey8307. People truly kill me on these sites judging other peoples decisions on their lives. You are right, things happen in a marriage. Instead of working through things, these days people just up and get a divorce then it's on to the next relationship. Whatever happened to "for better or for worse?" For one, you can't trust these sites and what they say is going on in these celebrities lives. Secondly, if Khloe chooses to work things out with her HUSBAND (not boyfriend, lover, friend with benefit, etc.) then that's only right of her because that's what she agreed to do when she said her vows.

nonmember avatar Bree

People are so quick to make judgements and everyone has been cheated on whether they know it or not. But if we cant forgive and move on then what does that make us inhumane and what do we really know about thier life other than what plays out on tv.

nonmember avatar kenyana white

Uh hello they vows say through thick and thin through good times and bad. Why shouldn't she stick by her husband these are tha bad times.

Linda M Hollie

People should stay out of other's business. Khloe, if you love your man, stand by him. Follow your heart

Rhonda Pitts Higgins


nonmember avatar pink 79

That's fine if she wants to stay with Lamar but she should remember how judgemental she was with Kourtney for staying with Scott when he cheated....I used to love the Kardashian but now it just seems like all the want is fame and don't care about anything else...

Tanya Smallwood

Yes I Think that they should be 2gether & yall should mind ur BI & leave them alone.

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