'50 Shades' Fan Trailer Shows How Jamie & Dakota Will Make Sparks Fly (VIDEO)

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dakota johnson kissingEver since Jamie Dornan was cast as our new Christian Grey, we've only assumed that he and Dakota Johnson have had the sort of chemistry that supposedly made Charlie Hunnam want to do the flick. Remember how he cited "a tangible chemistry" with his then co-star? How it "felt exciting and fun and weird and compelling"? Hrmmm. We haven't heard any such gushing from Jamie yet! But being that Dakota supposedly helped pick Christian 2.0, we can only assume that it's there ... for now.

OR we can watch an unofficial trailer of the two! Yup, a Fifty Shades aficionado named Elena Salvatore has pulled together some sexy footage of the actors to bring us our first "glimpse" of the on-screen couple as Christian and Ana, and it's, in a word, HOT.

Check it out ...

Whoa. Yes. Please. While Charlie and Dakota were clearly gorgeous together, I feel like these copious sexy scenes prove that not only is Jamie a suitable replacement -- he probably is even better, considering his perfect, pre-Grey resume (underwear model, dashing lover in Marie Antoinette, sexy Huntsman in Once Upon a Time, ladykiller in The Fall). This trailer also goes to show that we've got a LOT to look forward to! Like the legit teaser I'm guessing we'll finally get a glimpse at some time around ... Valentine's Day? Because how perfect would that be!?

What are your thoughts on this Jamie-Dakota trailer?


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Kristin Smith

What's the song in the video? 


Barbara Schmitt

Yuk.....they r both wrong for the parts


Pat Molina-Thompson

he needs to bulk up a bit in the muscle dept (not south of the border hehehe) and please have his teeth capped or soemthing, Christian had perfect white teeth!

Adrain Snyder

i would still watch it  no matter what  LOVE THIS 

Siddiqah Asma Hosein

He's too skinny and tiny, no way he will make a good Christian.

Jesika Mabb

i think their wrong for the parts.. he small not muscular like the book makes u think...

nonmember avatar resipsa

This movie is going to be a FLOP!!

nonmember avatar Melissa

And I imagined Christian to have longer wavy hair, not short and almost shaved.

Carrie Zaffarano

He's too skinny!Mr Grey needs a lil thicker build!

nonmember avatar Rachel

I don't like the new Christian Grey, he don't seem to be like the person in the book he aint even good looking or sexy enough to play the role of a handsome christian grey I'm sorry to say. Ian somerholder should of played the role he is more good looking then him or even I wish charlie hunman was still the role he would be more better than what's his name... Anyway will see in the future if I'm gonna watch it or not depends who's the cast

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