'Twilight's First Choice for Renesmee Would Have Given You Nightmares (VIDEO)

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Thank goodness for the cutting room floor! Twilight's Bella and Edward Cullen gave birth to the most wondrous, beautiful baby the world would ever see. You may remember the casting process for Renesmee rivaling that of Fifty Shades. It was not taken lightly, and when they finally found Mackenzie Foy, well, it was like discovering the most ethereal child that ever existed. But even Mackenzie wasn't the filmmakers' first choice. What -- not who -- they initially chose was so creepy the film's actors had trouble getting through scenes with it

Thanks to a special feature from Twilight Forever, The Complete Saga Box Set, which is out this week, we get to see a clip of Chuckesmee, an amazingly life-like, 60-pound animatronic doll that was created to represent Renesmee. I definitely don't blame the film's creators for trying something different. Everyone was stumped on how a real-life child was supposed to play the half-vamp, who, in the book Breaking Dawn, grows at an unbelievably fast rate and possesses supernatural powers. 

But director Bill Condon admits the doll was a colossal failure and tossed the idea before it made it on screen. It's not difficult to see why he -- and the entire cast -- felt that way. This is one horrifying little creature, with huge dead eyes and a bizarre flabby neck. In the clip below, you can actually see the look of terror spread across Nikki Reed's face as she attempts to get through a scene with it. 

I think it's pretty clear that Renesmee had to be a human child for this to work. And I don't think they could have found a better choice than little Mackenzie. But I'm also thankful this thing didn't make it to the big screen -- it would have given me nightmares for weeks.

What do you think of Chuckesmee? 


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EmilyH87 EmilyH87

Hooooly crap that things is creepy!

beadi... beadingmom17

Good Lord that it's creepy!

Kathy Evans

Really high forehead for a child that small....


Jennifer McElroy

LMAO that thing is terrifying!!!!!

Luv.M... Luv.My.Kidz

So glad they had a real baby instead of that thing. It's so ugly and creepy! 

XxPix... XxPixiesworldxX

wait, they used a human baby in the end??? I was pretty sure they use CG for the baby because that thing did NOT look real in the movie, or cute. just creepy as hell.

Crissi Parry

They act like this awful doll is less creepy than the CGI they actually used???  The baby in the film was horrible, I actually paused the movie and made my husband come in so we could both get a laugh. 

Bridget Warner

Hi I'm Chucky. Wanna play?

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