Kristen Stewart Ropes Mom Into Her Desperate Scheme to Win Back Robert Pattinson

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robert pattinsonImportant news for fans of the Robsten reunion: This is an intervention. I repeat: This is an intervention. Put down your dreams of Rob and Kristen 4EVA and come join the rest of us in reality. You're going to be okay! They are not getting back together as a couple. Here's what's really happening. Kristen Stewart and mom Jules are worried about Robert Pattinson and are simply trying to help him get his life back on track.

According to a source, Jules Stewart "is like a surrogate mother to Robert in LA and she reached out to him and invited him over to see her with Kristen. They were both very worried about him." So you see? This is not about Rob and Kristen. This is about Rob and Jules. Oh -- also, Kristen is still totally in love with Rob.

Dagblast it! They had to go and throw that in. Said source continues, "He's at a low ebb right now and enjoyed seeing Kristen. One thing led to another and they've hooked up quite a few times since in secret. She has been trying to help Robert get his life back on track. She's still madly in love with him." So fine you guys, at least on Kristen's end of things, it's SO back on with Rob. But I'm not so sure Rob sees it that way.

And anyway, what kind of healing process/intervention is that? Sexual healing? You don't get over your girlfriend by getting back together with your girlfriend. That's mathematically impossible. Jules couldn't possibly think it's healthy for Rob to snog her daughter when he's at this supposedly low ebb. Sex and low ebbs together are inadvisable.

I wonder if Kristen is just USING her nice, well-meaning mother to get Rob back?!?

Whatever. I'm still not convinced that Rob's life is so OFF track at this point, anyway. All the reports of his partying and whatevering seem overblown. I think he's just behaving like a newly single guy in Hollywood. Sheesh.

Do you think Robert Pattinson really needs to get his life back on track -- and if so, is Kristen the right person to help him?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Nancy Wentworth

i think, they will stay friends forever, but the pazz, will never leave them alone,  to have it go any where, but friends are important.


Barbara Roedema

only he knows and I think he has a good head on his shoulders......

Marilyn Mendez

I guess that Rob and Kris will get back like friend, but only that.  If Rob didn't or don't have the intention to forgive what Kristen did on July 2012, I guess that the good for both is continuing be friends.... both are suffer so much.... and I don't want that Kris continuing suffer for him.....

Linda Kimpton Murrell

lets face it it's got nothing to do with you me or Kristen's mom only they can no what they want

Barb Jarvi

i think you all need to stay out of other personal lives for awhile and just see what happens.


nonmember avatar Roberta

To the person who wrote this article. You are a Psycopathic Bitch! You made this whole thing up in this article just because you don't want them to be getting back together not only that but you are obviously a crack head drug user because you think it is ok for him to do drugs and party which would cause him to die of an overdose or something. Maybe that is what you want to happen. I know Rob and he told me they are working it out and getting back together. So LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Shidah Porto

Leave them alone..

Tonya Sills

that's so cute

Marilyn Mel

kissingHere's hoping the two of  get back  together real soon .They make a cute couple.

Marilyn Mel

whoops!! Lets try this again .I hope the two of them get back together soon.I think they will finally be happy again .

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