Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Might Not Be a 'Perfect' Match After All (PHOTO)

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

As we move closer and closer to their TV wedding date of January 26, 2013, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici can't seem to hold back as far as just how much they're looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. (Hopefully.)

A couple weeks back, Sean posted a sweet photo sitting on the swings next to Catherine and referred to her as his best friend. And now Catherine has returned the favor by sharing this picture of her and her groom-to-be on Instagram, along with the caption: "My best friend for life. @seanlowesku #countdownlowedown."

Huh -- #countdownlowedown? Apparently every modern wedding deserves its own nickname and hashtag these days.

But let's talk about this photo a little bit more. What's up with the matching outfits? And why do they have conflicting messages written on the back of their shirts?

My guess is that these two were just trying to be funny, but you have to wonder if maybe there's a subtle hint in the wording. It shows Sean and Catherine are a bit more different than we initially thought.

They do seem to share a lot of the same quirks and a similar sense of humor, but maybe there's more of the whole "opposites attract" thing going on here than meets the eye.

Could it be that Sean is a pessimist, while Catherine tends to see the glass half full? I mean, that's kind of what it sounds like they're referencing with the "I hate everyone" and "I love everyone" thing.

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Again, maybe they only wore the shirts with the intention of being humorous. Still, you gotta wonder whether or not they have different ways of looking at certain situations based on these messages.

And heading into their marriage, it's probably a good thing if they aren't exactly alike -- otherwise life could get pretty boring pretty fast. You know -- once the newlywed phase comes to an end. (Ugh. That's the worst.)

Yeah ... just to kick things off with a bang, Sean should probably stick to hating on people while Catherine spreads the love. If nothing else, at least they'll be better able to deal with the media frenzy surrounding their TV wedding. Oh come on -- you know some tabloid will have them "divorced" before their honeymoon is even over.

Are you and your spouse polar opposites?


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Dania Elisse

LOL at this author stalking Sean and Catherine Instagram! she is delusional one minute she thinks they're so cute next shes trying to find something negative to write about them! "you know some tabloid will have them divorce before their Honeymoon is over" ummmm you mean YOU since you been doing it for a long time now always have something negative to say! she has a story on them everyday like how obsessed are you? since you're friend with Emily are you just mad that she couldn't kept her men? LEAVE SEAN AND CATHERINE ALONE TIME TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT COUPLE OOOOPS ARE THEY TOO BORING FOR YOU? YOU CAN'T FIND ANYTHING TO BLOG ON THEM? pathetic! November 17 will be their 1 year engagement why can't you move on you fail at everything nothing you do will stop them for being the awesome couple that they are!

nonmember avatar candice

Leave them you idiot!

nonmember avatar Sally Jo Brimly

I don't understand why everything you write has to be negative. I suggest a new career

nonmember avatar just me

Find your own man. Sean is taken. Hag!

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