Farrah Abraham's 'Boyfriend' Is About as Real as Her Nose

Farrah Abraham Brian DaweFarrah Abraham has had some epic publicity stunts over the years. Hello, "accidentally" leaked sex tape!? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge? So the question is, Teen Mom fans, are you ready for Farrah's latest stunt?

You may already be caught up in it! You've heard of Brian Dawe, Farrah's "boyfriend" of the past five months, who was "suddenly" outed in a series of paparazzi shots that just so happened to capture the couple casually walking hand-in-hand and kissing sweetly? The photos were so unlike all those usual paparazzi shots of stars looking harried and annoyed that they're being followed, often wearing the sort of clothes they only wear to run to the corner store or without makeup.

You get where I'm going with this, don't you?


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The newest rumor on the block is that Farrah and Brian share a manager, and that their relationship has just been cooked up to get the former Teen Mom star some more attention and to boost Brian's name recognition on a national level.

Farrah's new boyfriend may not really be her boyfriend.

Don't believe it?

Well consider this: after Farrah put up a Keek video asking people to weigh in on what she should do if her boyfriend's cheating on her, Brian responded by saying he's never cheated on a girlfriend in his life. Fair enough? Oh, but wait. He also came out to say he hasn't even bothered asking Farrah about the video.

Uh, really? Your girlfriend asks the Internet what to do about a cheating boyfriend, and you don't even ask her about it?

Not likely ... unless she's not really your girlfriend ...


Listen, folks, it's possible that these two just met through their manager and it's all innocent. Then again, Farrah's history doesn't exactly bode well for the veracity of this "relationship."

Do you think being hooked up with Farrah will hurt Brian or help him?


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