'Shahs of Sunset' Premiere Recap: Lilly Snubs MJ for an Etiquette Error

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The Shahs of Sunset crew is back for season 3 and ready to spend, party, and obviously cause some drama. From attempting to mend relationships to some dramatic soul searching and an uber glam birthday party, this group covers all their usual bases in the season premiere.

We start out with Reza Faraham coming to terms with his old age of 40, by naturally looking for a new Porsche. He's convinced his speculation over prices at the dealership shows signs of maturity. I guess I agree? We get reintroduced to MJ Javid spending some refreshing "quality time" with her traditional mother. To add to this maturity epidemic, GG Gharachedaghi is even talking marriage and babies?!

Now on to the main event -- Lilly Ghalichi's 30th birthday party. This prom-themed elaborate event included four (FOUR!) dress changes and even a complementing outfit for her pup, Coconut. The exclusive guest list of exactly 120 "of her closest friends" was filled with her so-called "glam-squad" along with what Reza refers to as a motley crew. Now it wouldn't be a Bravo episode if drama didn't occur at the party, right? Right.

The issue here is that MJ never RSVP'd to Lilly's party. MJ reaches out to her the night before via text to try and guarantee a seat at this seemingly coveted event, and is denied. Ultimately, causing a riff in the whole group, I feel like we won't hear the end of this until at least a few more episodes. Are permanent tension, awkward dinner parties and drama-filled club nights in the future? I'd say so.

However, I do have to say the aforementioned maturity is something to look out for this season. With MJ and Reza trying to resolve issues, GG apologizing to Asa, and Mike getting very serious with girlfriend, Jess, maybe this group can put any differences and issues aside this season. Probably not, but a little optimism never hurt.

Do you think Lilly was wrong not to let MJ attend her party?


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Judy Tarver

First of all,  MJ is supposedly a grown woman who as far as I can tell of reasonable intelligence.   Who wouldn't RSVP to a sit down dinner?     Someone who didn't bother to read the invitation, that's who.    I have no sympathy for her whatsoever.    But, I do have sympathy for those who attended and had to endure a 1 woman fashion show.    Do we care what dresses you model and twirl in?   No.   Do we laugh when you designate yourself prom Queen?    Yes.   I really don't get Lilly.   Seems like a sweet and pretty girl.   But,  I realize her life is sparkle and me me me.    Not cool.

nonmember avatar Kala

An evite should not be used for something that is as formal as Lilly's party. This shows a lack of effort. If I were throwing a party like that, and someone did not RSVP, I would call them. After all, I invited them. REgardless, once someone is invited, they should always be invited. Hosts and hostesses are suppoed to be gracious, not use the opportunity to disrespect and belittle someone. Lilly needs to growu up.

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