Jamie Dornan Has the One Thing He Really Needs to Succeed as Christian Grey

jamie dornan in bbc the fallSeems like Jamie Dornan only just signed on to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but we know full well there's no shortage of opinions about him becoming Christian Grey. Even from his own co-stars! Specifically, Gillian Anderson (of X-Files fame!), who stars as the determined detective hunting down Jamie's lady-killing character in the BBC show The Fall.

Speaking to TVGuide.com, Gillian revealed how she reacted to Jamie's casting as the mercurial dominant billionaire ...


She admitted:

The books don't really appeal to me, but from the frenzy that's taking place as a result of hearing the news, I imagine it's a good thing. [Laughs] I hope he's happy about it.

Ha, yes, we'd say it's a good thing ... and we hope he's happy, too!

Thankfully, it seems like Gillian's not the first person close to "the situation" to be crossing their fingers for Jamie's success. Fifty Shades producer Michael De Luca's entrepreneur and philanthropist wife Angelique is also ecstatic, confessing initially, "To be honest, to me, [Charlie] wasn't a great fit." Whoa, right? And later, she proclaimed: "My wish came true! I'm proud & beyond hot for my new boyfriend (yes Mike knows ;) @JamieDornan1 to be CG!”

Aww! Sounds like Jamie's surrounded by support. While he may have various other motivators for staying on-board, I would imagine feeling like people respect and want him as Christian Grey (something it seemed Charlie could've been struggling with) are reasons he'll want to stick around. Fingers crossed all of this pro-Jamie love means he's happily, permanently attached to the part!

Do you think Gillian and Angelique's support for Jamie is a good sign he's meant for the part?

Image via BBC

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