Jamie Dornan Has the One Thing He Really Needs to Succeed as Christian Grey

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jamie dornan in bbc the fallSeems like Jamie Dornan only just signed on to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but we know full well there's no shortage of opinions about him becoming Christian Grey. Even from his own co-stars! Specifically, Gillian Anderson (of X-Files fame!), who stars as the determined detective hunting down Jamie's lady-killing character in the BBC show The Fall.

Speaking to TVGuide.com, Gillian revealed how she reacted to Jamie's casting as the mercurial dominant billionaire ...

She admitted:

The books don't really appeal to me, but from the frenzy that's taking place as a result of hearing the news, I imagine it's a good thing. [Laughs] I hope he's happy about it.

Ha, yes, we'd say it's a good thing ... and we hope he's happy, too!

Thankfully, it seems like Gillian's not the first person close to "the situation" to be crossing their fingers for Jamie's success. Fifty Shades producer Michael De Luca's entrepreneur and philanthropist wife Angelique is also ecstatic, confessing initially, "To be honest, to me, [Charlie] wasn't a great fit." Whoa, right? And later, she proclaimed: "My wish came true! I'm proud & beyond hot for my new boyfriend (yes Mike knows ;) @JamieDornan1 to be CG!”

Aww! Sounds like Jamie's surrounded by support. While he may have various other motivators for staying on-board, I would imagine feeling like people respect and want him as Christian Grey (something it seemed Charlie could've been struggling with) are reasons he'll want to stick around. Fingers crossed all of this pro-Jamie love means he's happily, permanently attached to the part!

Do you think Gillian and Angelique's support for Jamie is a good sign he's meant for the part?

Image via BBC

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Peggy Dicienzo Potenza

He's a horrible choice! This casting is ridiculous, I can't imagine the casting director read the books. Christian Grey is so breath taking gorgeous, this guy is not. I am disgusted to the point of not wanting to see the movie and many of my friends feel the same.

Nicole Heim

i agree not cute at all

Carolina Vargas

angeline I think is the only one that supports it, and the other actress,  the fans are still not satisfied, this production also has been very arrogant. and they choose what they wanted. agenline also has been very arrogant and insulted by the fact choose jaime. I saw it on twitter. I want the movie to be a failure, to give us the reason to the fans , and that they accept they were wrong to choose the actors. 

Samal... Samalama319

Christian Grey doesn't exist in the real world. The books suck anyway. Why is everyone throwing such a tantrum over this?

Lana Scott

Whoever says that Jamie is not cute, need to look into the mirror!!!

Amanda Tea

you people make me laugh...it doesnt matter who gets picked as christian...no one will be happy. if it were ian...you'd have people mad....matt bomber...same thing. give the guy a chance...and if you dont like him as christian....simple solution.....DON'T GO SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!! *smdh and rolls my eyes*

Laure... Lauren0983

Just plain awful casting for Christian, just like the rest of the actors cast thus far! And now we know who had influence in Jamie being cast. De Luca's wife is ridiculous.

peach... peachpies

Jamie always looks so small. But then again he's only 5'11" and is rather scrawny and not broad shouldered when you look at his candid shirtless photos. He will look powerless next to freaking tall Dakota. Ana is supposed to be petite, and them together will look so dumb. Not to mention Ana is supposed to be PRETTY. They've really screwed up this entire casting, not just Jamie. Charlie was much better and he didn't even have me fully sold. They got Ana's mother right and that's it so far. Luke isn't super tall and muscular w/ blonde hair and blue eyes, and he looks younger than Jamie. Victor is shorter than Dakota and both he and her look to be in their 30s! Such a screw up. If this is the best they could do for casting then count me out. I'll be sticking to the books, and hoping they'll decide to shelf it or hand it over to a network like Showtime or Starz to have them rewrite, recast and make it properly.

nonmember avatar Van

I loved the books and know that seldom do the actors measure up to the character in our imaginations. I had never heard of Jamie Dornan until it was announced that he won the role of Christian Grey. I then watched the unofficial trailers made by Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder and Jamie Dornan. That convinced me that Mr. Dornan fits the role best. There will have to be physical changes made such as hair and eye color but that is easy for Hollywood makeup artists. Presence and believability are not. I remember the hoopla over the casting of Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen. Armchair casting directors eviscerated the guy before the first movie came out saying he was ugly and wrong for the part. Well, five movies later, he IS Edward Cullen to millions of fans all over the world. Ithink the same thing will happen in Shades. I was less enthusiastic about the choice for Ana as I thought thhe choice of Alexis Blebel was physically perfect with her gorgeous hair and stunning blue eyes. But I didn't see the readings for the part or the chemistry between the two actors. Since the director and producers want a huge success at the box office, they will pick the right actors for the res, particularly since this is a franchise.

nonmember avatar Kellyt

Everyone has different taste to some people he would be hot and the right choice and to others the wrong choice..everyone's image of Christian will be different as it's only a book with no pictures no ones imagination is the same...I personal think he can pull if off quite excited!!

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