If This Is Kim Kardashian’s Idea of ‘Working,’ What Are the Rest of Us Doing?

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kim kardashian work dayThere's working, and then there's werking. Few of us get to do both, and that's why I'll defend Kim Kardashian with my last dying breath. Because even though she heralds the "end of civilization" as we know it (whatever, that has long been a fiction perpetuated by America's most boring, unimaginative cranks and we all know it), she gets to put on pretty clothes and somehow earn money just by existing and doing something else magical we can't even see. Did you see this photo she just posted? It's just an Instagram of Kim Kardashian captioned "Work day." And there she is, in a midriff-baring ensemble with just enough spiderwebby detail to both intrigue and repel us. Obviously we must discuss.

Okay, first of all, this is a work day? Here's my work day: Get up at 6 a.m., go to spin class, come back, make breakfast and lunches, get kid to bus stop, take subway to city, write seven blogs posts, come home, make dinner, feed kid, finish up whatever I didn't finish at work, collapse into bed. Here's Kim's "work day" -- put on outfit, have makeup done, have someone take pictures of me. The end. Nice work if you can get it, etc., etc. Also: ENVY, big time.

Now is the part of the blog post where we remark up on how she's wearing a midriff-baring ensemble just after birthing a baybay, but really the baby weight-loss narrative has gotten so boring and repetitive, I can't hardly stand it. So let's skip that part.

Instead, let's talk about the weird spiderwebby textile she's got on. Who designed that thing? Are we supposed to like it? It looks constricting. I'm breathing extra on her behalf just looking at it. (Waistband is a little scrunched, dear. Just saying.) Then again, spiderwebs over your body = creepy/sexy. I think this should have come out before Halloween, actually, but still the right amount of edgy.

And so there you have it. Your Kim Kardashian moment of the day. As you were. Carry on.

How do you explain why people claim they don't care about the Kardashians and yet cannot help clicking on these blog posts?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar nonmember

Don't models do that exact same thing, put on makeup, pretty clothes then just take pictures too. No one talks shit about them.

nonmember avatar Cass

Actually, people talk shit about models all the time. Personally, I think being paid to write snarky filler articles about celebrities is a pretty sweet gig...

Elaine Cox

^ well i dont know how many models are famous for leaking a sex tape with a mom that pimps them out then whines bout their hurt soul and wanna live a more private life a week after posting half naked pics..but i could be wrong..but i must say i do get a kick out of people saying they dont care or not my bizness after they click the story

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Ha! I love your question. 

Lillian Ssebowa

the fact that your being paid just to talk about her is alittle bit ironic to me,people should just think of the employment opportunities the kardashians are creating everyday.

nonmember avatar Kendra

I love almost everyone's comments on here. Took the words right out my mouth! Cafe mom is a friggin idiot. End of story.

Shannon Acia

omg shutup! She looks great for just having a baby, not many women can pull off an outfit like this one. So Puh-leez quit being thirsty for attention. You weren't blessed with the "model life?" so what! Most people aren't, You don't need to rag and nag.

nonmember avatar tanya

yeah, wouldn't mind author's working day either

Kaitlyn Kerner

stop hating on my wife love her or leave her alone

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