Kenya Moore Should Pay for Tugging NeNe Leakes’ Ear

That's Criminal 3

nene leakesIt was the ear tug heard around the world. On Sunday night's premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore decided it'd be a good idea to cross NeNe Leakes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh Kenya. You never before struck me as being a stupid woman. How wrong I was.

We all know the pressure each Housewife feels to keep the drama flowing. They must gush forth with thick, oily vitriol on a weekly basis or else risk losing their prime position as an object of ridicule for the populous. That's the only explanation I can figure when it comes to explaining how gleefully certain cast members approach their mostly irrational and always socially inappropriate confrontations.

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When Kenya decided it was a good idea to approach NeNe at the opening of Cynthia Bailey's new office space, I thought at most we'd be in for a verbal tête-à-tête. That's why when Kenya grabbed NeNe's ear by way of explaining what listening meant, I picked up a glass of my roommate's finest crystal just so I could gasp and drop it in shock.

Kenya! Why do you want to try and make NeNe your enemy? If this is really all about your ex Walter Jackson, you need to get past it. Because going after NeNe for inviting him to her wedding just makes it look like he's winning the breakup by being NOT TOTALLY INSANE.

At the time of the incident in the episode, I noted that I was surprised NeNe did not kill Kenya with lasers from her eyes. At the same moment, it seems NeNe was contemplating pressing charges. Quietly considering pressing charges against someone on Twitter is the reality TV equivalent of killing them with eye-lasers, so that's fun. While I think NeNe totally has grounds, I hope she doesn't sink to engage Kenya in her nonsense.

Do you think NeNe was joking or serious about pressing charges against Kenya?


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Sandra Carroll Sizemore

omg ne ne first off congradulations on getting re married to graig , why in the hell do you guys keep this woman on board hell id be a better cast mate, oh hell im not a rich bitch, im just sayin shes a freak and I think shes already had sex with one of the other husbands on the show ,and we know who that is, cant wait till next week, wish I l8ved near you ne ne you have a raw talent and ive allways carried my self the same as you especially when I dress yes honey im the queen you feel me ,ha ha good luck with the show one of your best fans, sandy from florida.

Linda Wells-Browning

I think NeNe was joking, she wouldn't press charges of course that helps the show!!!!!!

Judy Gee Frazier

I would have decked Kenya if she touched me. She is rude & crude! NeNe was great @ keeping it all together.

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