The 3-Way 'RHOBH' Feud That Has the Ladies Out for Blood (VIDEO)

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back! And so is Vanderpump Rules, and you'll see in today's exclusive video why I'm much more excited about one than the other. Also, we finally see Joanna Krupa walk down the aisle to marry Romain Zago on The Real Housewives of Miami season finale. 

There's also some Orange County gossip to be had -- isn't there always??

I couldn't decide who was the most tenacious dog with a bone in Beverly Hills, Kim Richards' dog Kingsley with his squeaky toy or Kim's sister, Kyle Richards, with her ongoing Lisa Vanderpump/Yolanda Foster three-way feud. My thoughts on why reality cast members have to debrief at the beginning of each season and how important gossip columns and bloggers really are when it comes to the on-camera drama.

Brandi Glanville managed a neat one-two punch this episode, upgrading her lifestyle while remaining the underdog. How did she do that??

We also meet the new 'wives Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud de Ohoven and I have a few things to say about them, as you can imagine! 

Moving on to Miami, or in the case of this episode, San Diego, I explain why the finale episode was my favorite so far, and why once again Alexia Echevarria is on fire. We may have Bravo wedding fatigue, but Joanna and Romain should be very happy with this episode.

Finally, I have some ideas for The Real Housewives of Orange County casting ... are you ready??

Whose side are you on in the Lisa vs. Kyle feud?


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CaifB... CaifBeachGal

Oh no you didn't....    you needed to wear a black/brown wig and tell the real problem between Lisa and Kyle.  It's all about good looks, good hair, and good old faking it!  These ladies are sure to pull the attention from the Southern Spoiled Rotten Peaches!  As if there were anything running a second place position to Orange County this year than Beverly Hills.    By the way Alex, you should get a place here in S. California and do some face to face interviews with the real ladies of reality!    Miami and Atlanta has too much marriage on/marriage off going on for my likes.  And I hope NY comes in like a good ole snow storm this season!!    Try some different hair styles for these videos gal....  you've got some good hair yourself! 

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Love your commentary Alex, but would love it more if you would come back and do a Real Housewives show. I think you should move on out to Orange County or Beverly Hills and get on with it. You are missed, those tacky New York ladies may not have wanted you, but your fans do!!  As for Kyle and Lisa, of course Lisa is right, Kyle is a spoiled brat and thinks she is always in the right. Yolanda is probably the most honest person on the any of  the shows, she tells it like it is and I don't think she is a liar at all. Kyle needs to stop whining about old news and find something new to bitch about.

Johanna Hoenig Merritt

I think you are awesome Alex!!!!  Love watching you!!!  Jo

Cynth... Cynthia.B

Lisa's side but she can be a bit bitchy! 

Laura Tippy Olmsted

Alex, I really look forward to your reality recaps. I think you do an eloquent, articulate job. Keep up the great work!

nonmember avatar Jacquie Carlson

Great recap as usual!! Love how you always put things in perspective. You always make me laugh. I sure miss you on NY housewives.... I agree an OC with three housewives would be interesting,

nonmember avatar Joanne

It's almost midnight here in Buffalo and I'm bored. Decided to click on your commentary following a Facebook link. I was pleasantly surprised. You're good at this!

nonmember avatar Emmyjoe

I have to take Kyle's side. Lisa is abusive and enjoys it. And as I recall at the reunion, didn't Yolanda already say she was ill and couldn't remember things she said? Just saying?

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