Jenelle Evans Can Create Twitter Drama With 2 Words & an Emoticon

Jenelle Evans tweeted she was lonely over the weekend. Given that the tweet right before that mentioned missing her son Jace and the fact she would be “getting” him the next day, I’d guess the Teen Mom was having a woe-is-me moment that comes with not being with the father of your child.

Or maybe she’s just Jenelle and likes to whine. It’s not the first time she’s stated how lonely she is on the internet. Just over a year ago she tweeted that she was “all alone with no support” -- in the hospital no less.


Last spring she tweeted that she was lonely without her friends, since she couldn’t see them, being on probation and all and they're hoodlums.

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This time she went with a simple “so lonely” and a very sad sad sad emoticon. I mean, that’s the emoticon that you’d send to your grandma’s funeral, if you were the kind of person to send emoticons to funerals. You think Jenelle is?

Sweetheart, a little advice … no one likes hanging out with self-loathers. Also people tend to steer clear of crazy people with crazy emotional landscapes. Just before Jenelle tweeted that she missed Jace and was so lonely, she told the world she was skipping the Drake concert to stay home with family -- aka boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

So don’t complain about being lonely when you just told everyone you canceled your plans! And what happened to Nathan? He leave or something? It seems like if there were any drama to be mentioned, Jenelle would’ve mentioned it. She’s giving like that.

Do you tweet about your sad emotional state?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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