'Real Housewives' Star Is Leaving After Just One Season

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rhocAnother one bites the dust. Just weeks after learning that Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino were fired, we hear another cast member is leaving the show. After just one season, Lydia McLaughlin is calling it quits -- and once you hear the reason why, you won't blame her for getting the hell out of there.

It's the only way to escape unscathed. Usually when a Real Housewife leaves after just one season, it's not by choice. They get the boot because they are just too dull. Basically, they don't generate enough eye rolls, anger, or hair-pulling. That certainly wasn't the case with Lydia. She was actually one of the most compelling new housewives in recent years. I mean, her whole fairy dust obsession was cray cray. I couldn't believe she was serious. And you couldn't help but giggle with her whole wide-eyed disbelief at the childish antics she got a front row seat for.

But she decided to bow out of the show for the most logical reason imaginable: she has no desire to make a career out of being a Real Housewife. Even though producers asked her to come back, she turned them down. And it's a good thing too. It was only a matter of time before producers turned her into one of the series' classic housewife archetypes: the boozed-out head case, the evil bitch, the ditsy bitch, the secret slut, or the one in constant denial.

Not that Lydia wouldn't mind being on reality TV again sometime in the future. But instead of being among of hoard of mean moms, she's hoping it would focus on what it's like to put together her magazine Beverly Hills Lifestyle. Sadly, that isn't likely to be nearly as interesting as the backstabbing we have grown to love on these Bravo shows. But I am sure her life will be a heckuva lot happier without it.

Do you think Lydia should leave the show? What kind of personality type should replace her?


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youth... youthfulsoul

She was a shit stirrer and annoying to watch. Glad she's gone.

Kerri Powers

Whoever wrote this oviously never watched the show. It was her mother who used the fairy dust not her. And you say you couldn't believe she was serious? Maybe because your wrong. She was too innocent to be on that show of back stabbers anyways. Her husband and herself are well minded and caring people. I can see why she don't want to come back. And then you have people who write stories that are wrong!

Dawn Rochelle Davis

They should hire another two faced Drama Queen,that is the only way you will make it Lmao

Janet Ramirez Korsak

I'm glad she's getting out, she's a nice person. After that disgusting display of disrespect by Gunvalson's son-in-law towards her Mom she should run towards the door.

Michelle Garcia Kosa

Good for her she doesn't want to sell herself out for a lot of bs that goes down and it is all make believe anyways!but one thing is for sure ifbtheybdont step it up in the new season people will stop watching. New jersey is the perfect example!

Barba... BarbaraHelen

I agree Janet Ramiers Korsak! Shame on the producers for letting him get away with that! Discusting. If his behavior is an example of what they think 'an officer and gentleman' is, God help us all.

Lori Turchin

That's one smart lady!  Get out while the gettin is good!


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