Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Sneak Romantic Weekend Away Just to Annoy Us

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robert pattinson kristen stewartWhat the hell is with all these stories all of a sudden about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart getting back together again? Kristen hanging out at Rob's house for three hours, Kristen and Rob bringing their love back from the dead at a Dia de los Muertos party like nothing ever happened this summer, and now this? Someone saw Robsten checking into a Palm Springs resort together last week. GIRL! I thought we closed that door. What's it doing back open again? This is too confusing for me.

Someone told The Sun that Rob, Kristen, and the dogs were holed up at the Viceroy Hotel. "They snuck away to one of their favourite hide-outs for a couple of nights," said the blabbermouth. "Both left their houses in LA under cover of darkness and Rob brought their two dogs as well. They're not back together yet but they desperately miss each other." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

People, I like closure. It was bad enough when Rob and Kristen got back together again conveniently just in time for the Breaking Down 2 publicity tour. Now they're playing footsie under the table again, and I'm so annoyed. Oh -- but they're not really getting back together, Mr. Source says. What we're hearing is that Kristen wants Rob back, but Rob doesn't want to get into a relationship with her again, but at the same time, he can't resist her, and something something bullshit something I don't care.

I cannot with these two. I simply cannot.

My least favorite celeb gossip story line used to be "they're back together again!" But you know what? It's been topped. My new least favorite celeb gossip story line is "they're not back together again exactly but they're seeing each other so it's kind of complicated blah." In other words, the meatless relationship word sandwich. Are they doing this to us on purpose? Jerks.

What do you think is really going on with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?


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Michale Burch Hess

Well, this isn't your decision to like or not. It is their lives and you have no say in it. I think they have been together all this time and you guys are slow at getting that. Your head must be so thick that you can't understand what they have or you must be one jealous person that needs to grow up. 

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

Why do you care?

Evelyn Williams

You being irritated about them, just goes to show how much control y'all want to have. Burns doesn't it? My suggestion, don't try to be involved with their relationship and you won't be irritated. Problem solved. Let it be.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Kristen and Robert can have any type of relationship they wish. It is none of our business! Best wishes to the two of them.

Linda Kimpton Murrell

it means leave them alone and let them get on with it whatever they choose to do it's got nothing to do with anybody else 

nonmember avatar CathyB

Just hanging and enjoying is what it's all about without all the heavy pressure that rips people apart. Enjoying someone's company isn't the crime just hanging and loving and enjoying and not thinking is what this is about and should be. Maybe they just couldn't deal with the pressure of heavy commitment so soon. Time with each other and being friends is the best part of life. It's like combustion what happens happens and it usually is greater then thinking about lost time and energy on the Bull! Enjoy and Happy Holidays Affectionately, CathyB.

Teresa Sawyers Gross

So they like having sex with each other!! It's just a booty call!

Paula Weber

booty call!!!!!!!

Rona Levinsky

I want them back together. They may be taking a break but I think they are meant to be.  Madly in love. 

Patricia Rust

First of all It is none of our business You are such a creep for being so negitive

What business is it of yours if they do get back together? They may, after all be soul mates so just leave them alone and maybe they will have a chance to do what they want. If they like each others company, so be it.After my seperation I went to have sex with my ex,It felt comptable and safe, so maybe thats it. Just leave them alone find someone else to annoy.


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