Snooki Is Blaming the Wrong Person for Her 'DWTS' Exit

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Snooki & Sasha Farber

I'm still planning on watching Dancing With the Stars for the rest of the season (duh, I'm the recapper) -- but the show just isn't going to be the same without Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

Am I the only one who's still in shock that she wound up going home last week? It was such a bummer when Tom Bergeron said her name and we learned she had the lowest number of votes. And she was equally as upset, if not more. But wait until you hear Snooki's reaction to leaving DWTS -- because it will seriously break your heart a little bit.

In an interview with TV Guide, she shared her reasoning for what went wrong:

It was a combination of everything from my busy schedule with Season 3 of Snooki & JWoww and my other projects, to being mentally and physically exhausted and, most importantly, wanting each dance to be perfect. Dancing with the Stars is no joke and it takes a toll on your body and I just wanted to do the best I could for Sasha and myself.

Aww. She blames herself for being voted off the show -- which is just so sad!

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I'm sorry, but I still think there might have been something funky going on with the voting system. Remember -- there had been a glitch the week before, which is why no one got sent home that particular week. What if there were problems with the system which resulted in Snooki's votes not being tallied right?

Considering how substantial her fan base is and how upset everyone was when she was voted off -- it just doesn't seem to make sense that she was the least popular contestant.

And if there wasn't some sort of voting error, it's hard not to question whether or not DWTS is rigged in one way, shape, or form. Maybe the producers really do predetermine who goes home each week in an effort to boost ratings?

But then I guess that wouldn't make sense, because I saw quite a few fans going nuts on Twitter after Snooki's exit and vowing never to watch the show again.

Huh. Whatever the case, something's a little fishy here. There's no way Snooki was legitimately voted off, right?

On that note, I hope she realizes how many people were rooting for her, and also knows deep down inside that it wasn't her fault that the road ended for her and partner Sasha Farber last week.

Hey, there's always the chance ABC could bring her back if they do a second All-Star season, right? (One can hope.)

Why do you think Snooki was voted off so early?


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Betty Anne Thomas

It's grossly unfair of you to say the show is rigged! A lot of folks may have really likes Snooki but didn't bother voting - and that's what happens. The contestant is off the show. That's the way life is - unfair. If you can't handle the heat - get out of the kitchen.

Patricia Prunty


Mary Malachowski

It is very obvious that it has nothing to do with how well you dance.  Leave the decision to judges, they are the experts or our suppose to be.



Cathie Williams

no I don't think its rigged. but I got a hard lesson when Sabrina and Mark got voted off in her first season. As a voter we sometimes tend to think a stronger dancer is safe and use votes to save a lesser show dancer who is making progress. Its sad but it is what it is.

Kim Van Cleave Gronewold

The fans complain, but do they vote!! Mark and his partner got voted before her and his partner was really good!!


Mary Halloran Hay

I felt she had a bad attitude. Very negative even with her partner.

Karo N. Gary

She danced pretty good but her dancing wasn't as entertaining to watch as some others. I think her fan base just didn't bother to vote and her dancing wasn't ranking high with the judges.kiss

nonmember avatar Billie Sumrall

She had a poor attitude and when others were dancing she looked bored and disinterested Didn't smile and acted like she didn't care

Hector J Sola Fernandez

Snooki wasn't booted early. She lasted 7out of 11. Christina was booted earli-er, to great shock as well! People are ingrates, vote for who they like most, not for their dancing!In DWTS people vote for who they like BEST, so they might like Snooki, but they like Bill Engvall better, for example. People didn't dislike Snooki,they liked others better.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

As much as I don't like Snookie I did give her a vote because she danced very well and as much as I LOVE Bill Engval I passed him over because he isn't improving but you would be surprised the large fan base he has and he is always upbeat no matter what. But I think the voting is wrong. Just because you have a LARGE fan base and can get the votes doesn't mean that you should stay and have other better dancers voted off. I think the fans voting should be more on critique the actual dance then weather or not he or she should move on to the next level and I know that won't even work because people are going to vote the way they want no matter what. Maybe they should bring back the dance off and leave the final call to the judges

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