Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding Location Couldn't Get More Perfect

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

If the release of the date of their TV nuptials didn't get you a little bit excited about watching them tie the knot, then wait until you hear Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding location!

We knew it was going to be somewhere super gorgeous, warm, picturesque, and all that good stuff. Why would they have it somewhere where they have to worry about things like inclement weather?

Um, millions of people will be watching Sean and Catherine take their vows, so the setting has to be visually pleasing or everyone's going to be disappointed.

Ok, ok, I'll cut to the chase. According to Wetpaint, Sean and Catherine will marry in Santa Barbara, California -- though they can't confirm the actual venue just yet.

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Um ... have you ever been to Santa Barbara? Yeah, me neither. But all I've heard is that it's basically as close to paradise as you can possibly get. It's far away enough from the hustle and bustle of L.A. to be peaceful and serene -- yet it's still in southern California, so warm temps and plenty of sunshine can be expected even on January 26.

And let's not forget about its incredible location right on the coast with the mountains in the distance -- where Sean and Catherine can enjoy views like this:

santa barbara

Not too shabby.

And you knowwww it will wind up taking place at some fancy-schmancy resort, or golf course, or mega-mansion, or something. The background will probably look exactly like that or relatively close to it.

Gah. I'm sure it's tough to live your life in the public eye as an engaged couple, but this whole "ABC paying for your dream TV wedding" thing is really starting to sound like it has its fair share of perks.

Would you have picked Santa Barbara if you were Sean and Catherine, or do you think they should get married somewhere else?


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Arlene Pendergraft

Santa Barbara is the perfect place! Nothing like the gorgeous ocean and great weather, although when I was in college there January could be the rainy month.

Sylvia Ca

Santa Barbra is the perfect place for a perfect cute couple that appear to be truly in love...I know I Live about 2 hours south of Santa Barbara in the Laguna Beach area which is the very best place for anything!! Warm Sunny great people( ;)
~winks~ )and love walking those streets with the wonderful shops and entertainment for every one!! ~Smiling~

Mary Loyson

No matter where the wedding will take place, it's their choice and it will be beautiful for the special couple.

Roddie Harris

Perfect,California is the perfect place to marry your forever friend
Santa Barbara is just beautiful.

Jennifer Killgore-Gray

I grew up near Santa Barbara and my Aunt and Uncle still live there. It is a gorgeous area and has breathtaking venues perfect for any amazing wedding. My sister was married there as well.

Lorraine Jacobs

When I dream of my future wedding the beauty of the outdoors comes to mind in an instant. Having it on the beach wedding and at Santa Barbara could really be so much wonderful. I wonder what are the details and the set-up that they are going to have their. This can be so much exciting. -

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