The Real Reason 'RHOA' Star Porsha Stewart's Husband Dumped Her (VIDEO)

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back! In today's exclusive video, I discuss what makes the Atlanta version of the Housewives franchise the most-watched, as well as what makes Miami the least watched.

Kenya Moore is back with a twirl and a vengeance, but it was Porsha Stewart and Phaedra Parks who really caught my eye in this premiere episode.

I felt for Phaedra this episode, as she just couldn't catch a break with the editors. Every time she opened her mouth in her interview, the reality footage was there to contradict everything she said. She gets my sympathy as well as an A+ for breastfeeding on camera. You go, mama!

I wondered how the producers would handle the timeline between I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding and Atlanta, and in the video, I discuss the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make that happen. Also, why I don't believe the reason Porsha gave for her impending divorce from Kordell -- hint, I think Kandi Burruss' fiance Todd is on to something, with a little help from Orange County Housewife Vicki Gunvalson.

And lest we forget, The Real Housewives of Miami aired right after Atlanta, with the bachelorette party for Joanna Krupa (wedding number FIVE in six weeks!). After three seasons of being quiet, Alexia Echevarria found her voice, and for that she gets my Thug in a Cocktail Dress award. I discuss why she won the episode, and my theories on why Miami is the lowest rated city of the franchise.

Watch the video below for all this and more!

What do you think of what Porsha is suggesting about her ex-husband?

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Sherry Edwards

I agree with you Alex, I'm tired of weddings, they should NOT be on t.v., they should be kept between family & immediate friends!!

nonmember avatar josabud

weddings on tv are fine, many people enjoy the vicarious thrill of a big wedding, we all will not have one or always attend one, sour grapes for you alex.

nonmember avatar Candy

Alex, I don't know where to start with your review, it was hilarious and accurate. I do believe that Kenya is both crazy and fighting for airtime,(but you would only know that if you watched last season). I mean Nene literally walked away from Kenya 3 times and she kept pulling her back(can we say pyscho bitch) and also the gay accusation's against Cordell are not new at all and she didn't pull it from thin air, they've been speculating about this since last season. Now about Miami, let me start by saying that I was born and raised in Miami and that is THE WORSE show I've ever had the displeasure of watching. I haven't seen it since it's first season I honestly thought it would be cancelled by now. They need to recast the whole crew and start from scratch, they also need some diversity as well because I don't know what part of Miami has no successful black people (I mean come on, one black person to make this cast believable to me please). I grew up around many different cultures and races living in Miami and I am sick to death of the stereotype that only Hispanics live here. Sorry for my ranting just had to say it.

nonmember avatar Matt

Alex, I adore you! Miami was a little sketchy on Sunday and leads me to suspect some creative editing. The show implies that they arrive in Vegas and spend one night, the head to CA for the rehersal dinner the following morning. Although it wasn't mentioned in the episode, Joanna was hosting a bachelorette pool party at the Palms, which was June 9th. If hosting an event, which I will assume was a paid appearance, and during the day, would you really show up in Vegas that same morning? The preview for the final implies they may be late for the rehersal and/or wedding since they miss the flight. That would mean the rehersal dinner would be Sunday. She wed the following Thursday, so why would the rehersal be so many days in advance? Either the producers are trying to create a more memorable finale, or they wanted to use thr car ride to CA to tie up loose ends with the cast, since they don't have the ability to film during a flight. I guess we shall see tonight! I actually really enjoy Miami and hope for another season!

Also, why such a quick turn-around between filming and airing for Miami, BH and Atlanta, but not NYC?

nonmember avatar Angela

Since you haven't watched RHOA before, there were old rumors about Porsha's husband. Besides that he and Simon, Tamara's ex should start a bossy club. Kenya is the BIGGEST camera hog ever. Vickie, as usual, is bring it back to her. The show destroyed her marriage super BS, she had said Don cheated on her all along in the marriage. I think the show gave her the courage to leave him since she probably got a lot of support from her fans. Let's face it she has s..t in taste in husbands and boyfriends!

Disgr... Disgrazia4

Awesime vlog Alex!! I hust to say that I think Nene gave us the queen commwnt about the way Kordell left as a clue too. I hwar qhat you are saying about Reality TV breaking up marriages. This is quite understandable. But how do you break a marriage with a tweet?!?!?!? Seems like he has some serious issues. Dealing with being gay on the down low just might be only one of them! ! I am looking forward to Porsha showing a more authentic version of herself. I hope she doesn't disappoint. I'd like to root for her!!

Carolyn Farkas Nassi

Alex, I Googled Lisa Hochstein, if what I read can be believed, it is true the she was a stripper before she met her husband.

Robin Schlegel

Alex, it was rumored that Cordell was gay when he played NFL football (Pittsburgh Steelers).  I believe he was arrested for something gay related.  This is why Porsha mentioned it.  She may have been absolutely correct in assuming why he wanted a divorce.  Plus, he may have married her for appearances only.  So time will tell!

Karen Kimrey Miller

First of all Alex I live for your video blogs, great job.  I crazy Kenya had grabbed me by the ear like she did Nene, she would have been picking herself up off the floor.  I know you need drama on these shows but I would like to knock her out.  I too think Cordell is gay and hey that's his business, but the way he treated Porsha was terrible.  He'll get his and I hope she gets everything she can out of him even if she if rich.  Keep up the good work.  You go girl.

Michelle Garcia Kosa

Porscha is suggesting that Cordell is gay maybe he is,but one thing is for certain he is hiding something from her and he doesn't love her! I would be out of there why would you want to fix that u can't. Take care of yourself wish him luck and move forward time heals!!

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