'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kris Jenner's Talk Show Divides the Family

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kris jennerAw, Kris Jenner! Don't make me feel pity for you, android! This week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about Kris's brief, awkward foray into the wonderful world of talk-show hosting. It came complete with a guest appearance by America's favorite rosé-swilling skank, Kathy Lee Gifford. While we all know that Kris's dream will be short-lived, it was still fascinating to watch her quietly squeeze the members of her family dry in a bid for more air-time.

As a pleasant respite to the antics of this lady-Svengali, we got to see Khloe Kardashian drive Bruce Jenner and company into the desert to look for aliens. Bruce was enraged by this because he just wanted to camp, shoot guns, and let his hair go for one of its annual treats -- a walk under the full, desert moon so that it might gain lunar-based fortitude, the better to survive the coming year. 

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While Khloe played the role of classic middle-child, urging her sibs to support her mom's "lifelong dream" of having a talk show, not all members of the clan Kay were down. Kourtney Kardashian made no bones about her concerns that Kris was making her talk show all about her kids. She also greeted her mom with a list of notes she had. She made nice after some urging from Khloe -- but I think we all totally were team Kourtney on that one.

This was the first time EVER IN MY LIFE I have felt pity for Kim Kardashian. Dude, let the record show I went there. The girl felt strong-armed by her mom into shooting a video just after North West's birth for Kris's eponymous talk show. Kim so clearly wasn't ready and felt self-conscious and depressed about participating. So much so she nearly wore a pirate-turban to shoot the thing. You kind of can't blame her for feeling that way -- raw and overexposed. Kanye West's move to try and create a different sort of celebrity for Kim, one with more space for privacy, has got to seem like a blissful prospect. 

In the desert wilds, Khloe enlisted a man who claimed to have been abducted by aliens to give them a tour of the Roswell area and to share his story. While Khloe listened respectfully, Bruce had no time for it. The dude was way insulted by Bruce's behavior, and after some cajoling, Bruce apologized. This was good because it paved the way for Brandon Jenner and Brody Jenner to hire some actors dressed up as aliens to scare the shit out of everyone in the nighttime. And a good e'en was had by all! Except for Lamar Odom who kept obsessively calling Khloe. It was awkward. Rob Kardashian made it more so by trying to say that "Lamar is just being Lamar." Bring back the aliens, stat! 

Do you think Kris was out of line to be so demanding of her kids?  

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adamat34 adamat34

No one is surprised this vapid woman is a pimp....shes so disgusting.

nonmember avatar charm

They all sold their life for money now they want some sort of privacy Too Late now don't you think! !!!!!

Tammy Hence

Way out of line. And it is to late. when you sing up for a reality show, the only privacy is in the bedroom. I love the Kardashians, And Bruce and his kids. But I will not watch the Kris Jenner show. and I really just don't care for her.

nonmember avatar Julie bueno

Ok so I don't see what the big deal is. Kris works her ass off nonstop for her kids. yet they make a big ass deal because she's doing something for herself,

And asks her family to support her career. it's selfish on her kids parts. y wouldn't she want her first guests to family? that's what's she's all about. well business but her family first. Kim situation on the other hand was completely understandable but she chose to participate.

nonmember avatar Pam

Awww Julie it is so sweet , even if a bit naive, that you feel that way about Kris. Look up the scenario on Kim's sex tape. Mommy wanted that released ...it was their foot in the door. Last I looked loving moms don't so that. I truly hope she goes down in flames. truly.

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