'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Premiere Recap: Kenya Moore Has Lost Her Mind

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real housewives of atlanta Just when it seemed like death via NeNe Leakes-withdrawal was an inevitability, God saw fit to bless me with the newest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. With Gregg Leakes and NeNe acting as our affable narrators, we caught up with the crew and what's been going down since the end of last season. We also learned that nothing makes NeNe happier than giant portraits of herself and Hermès dinner plates. 

But you know who I didn't miss? Kenya Moore. The woman is back, and she's already crying foul. Her biggest bone of contention being a sort of general bitchiness about "no one being there for her." Kenya, get over it/yourself. She seems content to stir the pot this season, and given that there are cast members with ACTUAL problems this season (see: Porsha Stewart's divorce, Phaedra Parks' marital woes), I can't see anyone giving Kenya one inch.

This pleases me. I think Bravo should continue to toy with her mind and give Walter Jackson a show. They could call it Truck Driver of Love. I would guest star. Kenya wails to Cynthia Bailey about no one calling her to check on her and her various travails. Nobody gives eye-roll like the gorgeous Cynthia. When Kenya didn't get the sympathy she wanted from Mrs. Bailey, she went to pick at NeNe.

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Let's talk about things that are a terrible idea -- harassing NeNe. Kenya was pissed at NeNe for inviting Walter to her nuptials. People who didn't care about Kenya's rage? NeNe. I thought for sure she'd pop her top when Kenya decided to grab her ear mid-argument, but NeNe is a LADY, honey. She just pranced away, maintaining her title of HBIC.

We didn't get to spend a lot of time with Kandi Burruss this week. But her big scene was a goodie. It was the only moment this week that genuinely made me bust forth with a guffaw. In the face of criticism that she was supporting her fiance financially, she gamely reminded viewers that she wrote "No Scrubs" -- ain't no way she was gonna let any dude ride her coattails. Love her! Love her clothing line, love her sex toys -- I'll take a hundred of each!

Phaedra, the core of my heart, might be having some baby blues. She claims that the new baby, house under construction, and her hubs Apollo Nida are easy and beautiful and great. But you get the feeling it's all a bit of an act right now, and Phaedra might be a bit overextended. We did get a hilarious peek at the birth of her son Dylan. Although in hindsight she coos about their beautiful bond, behind the scenes footage shows her remarking that the newborn was "whiter than Michael Jackson." The woman is a card and a half, and I hope this season doesn't look as rough on her as the preview indicated!

Are you sick of Kenya already? How are we going to put up with a season of her?!

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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

If Kenya had latched onto my arm like she did with Nene I would have turned around and dropped her right there. Can't stand that stupid woman. And Porsha just keeps on proving she hasn't a brain


I am pretty much over Kenya and Porsha's woes.  That scene with Porsha, her mother & her sister was over -the- top to me.  That conversation definitely told me the producers cut & splice up conversations.  When Porsha all of a sudden went from a normal speaking voice to getting loud and excited...and when her mother did the same thing---I thought no wonder their related.  And Kenya still moaning about Walter is draining.  Heck, I'm even tired of it.  But, I can't wait for Kandi to blow her stack...during the previews, I saw that moment in her kitchen--I was like, "Oooo-weee!  Someone's gonna get it!"  That was the realest scenes I have ever seen on a reality show...Kandi is a very cool, calm and collected person.

Debbra Paille

kenya" needs help bad real bad;I'am sure everyone knows that.doctor doctor give me some help.

Genie Simi Heldt

Kenya is a classless fool. I hope this is her last season with the show.

Jackie Primavera


Janet Stanley

kenya is so full of herself. she wants everyone to think that her x is after her. Who would want her.

Janet Stanley

Phaedra you better watch Apollo, I am sure Kenya is going after him and he will go for it.  She would do it just to show you a thing or two.

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