Justin Bieber Allegedly Caught Partying at Brazilian Brothel

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justin bieberJustin Bieber cannot stay young and innocent forever ... even though he's still only 19-years-old. And he's the Biebs! He's got fame and fortune and we can't forgot the rumors of him smoking pot and being WILD AND CRAZY! Or when he just recently pushed his way into a music booth shirtless to strong-arm the DJ. Oh, Justin ... you are so baaaaaad. But his most recent shenanigans are badder than bad.

Get this. The Biebs is believed to have been caught leaving a brothel in Brazil after spending over three hours inside. Lots can be done in three in a brothel! The hot spot is the infamous Centauros in Rio de Janeiro, which is also called a sex den. GASP! Biebs was spotted leaving and trying to hide himself under a bed sheet.

We know the pop star is in Rio. He and his entourage were also reportedly kicked out of an upscale hotel after being too loud. They relocated to a rented mansion. Of course. We can only guess why Bieber and a pal were partying at this whorehouse (who cares, have fun kiddo!), but there are two theories on why he left. Some sources say he was kicked out for being a bad boy -- doing drugs and being disruptive -- but another report claims that too many Beliebers crowded the place making it unsafe.

While we don't have face confirmation it was Bieber under the bed sheet, his tattoos give him away, along with his security team who sources say is in fact Justin's bodyguards. Plus, he's in Rio! What do you do when in Rio? Go to sex dens, natch. When Biebs and his friend were ushered out, they went into the back of a car and two women were also escorted out to an SUV which followed them. Seems like Justin sure knows how to have his fun.

Have fun, Justin! Live it up while you can. Once you're an old man going to whorehouses is just creepy.

What do you think of Justin going to a brothel? Free pass on this one?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I could care less quite honestly.

nonmember avatar Terry

What is a gay boy doing at one of those?

nonmember avatar sandy

For all we know, Brazilian brothels are legal, clean, and healthy: What a 19-year-old celebrity does in there is his business. Primarily, I just hope that that bedsheet was from the freshly laundered pile, and not a souvenir a la Monica Lewinsky's dress!

nonmember avatar Richard

Centaurus is the best cathouse in Rio, your entry fee covers admission and a forty minute romp with one of the many lovely attendants within.
It's an amazing place! Highly recommended by this user.

nonmember avatar Mistie


nonmember avatar Mistie

Oh and his MOTHER is with him...she approves of this? He's out of control for a little boy.

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