Charlie Sheen Trashes His Ex-Wife in Epic Rant His Kids Should Never Hear (VIDEO)


When it comes to classy behavior, you can pretty much count on Charlie Sheen to never, EVER display it. Charlie, whose twins Bob and Max are now spending time with mom Brooke Mueller after months of them living with Charlie's other ex-wife, Denise Richards, trashes Brooke in an epic TMZ rant. "It's a horror show," Charlie says of Brooke's parenting skills, adding that she should get ten years in jail. And that's some of the nicer things he said.

Charlie doesn't want Brooke to regain custody of their toddler twins, so his solution is to rant about her to the media. "The kids [are] around drugs," he tells TMZ. "They're around drug dealers ... very nefarious type people. It's a house filled with creeps and cretins." (Nice alliteration, Charlie.)

Does anyone see the irony of Charlie Sheen complaining about the company his ex keeps? I do but I'm pretty sure Charlie doesn't.

He then goes on to say that Brooke has 12 Chinese dragon water lizards and several tarantulas living in her house -- and that her kids are terrified of them. He claims that his son, Bob, can't get through a night without "waking up screaming about lizard and spider monsters." 

Brooke, for her part, says the kids love the critters and play with them for hours.

Charlie also claims the kids are fine when they leave his place to visit their mom, but come back "incorrigible," kicking the dogs, attacking their half-sisters, and showing "Jekyll and Hyde" behavior. In probably the worst accusation of all, he says he's convinced the twins' bad behavior is a result of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Charlie says he plans to continue fighting with everything he's got to keep the kids from Brooke -- despite that children's service monitors give Brooke "glowing" reviews. He claims those are "works of fiction."

Well, I'll say this for Charlie, he does seem to love his kids -- and he also claims that he will step up to be a full time parent instead of letting his ex Denise parent them. "Any time someone decides to step up and do the right thing is the right time," he says.

But I do feel sorry for these kids. Despite their Hollywood riches, they have basically had very little parenting from their biological parents.

Hopefully, these two will someday come together to try and work out their personal issues for the sake of their children. But it's unlikely given the bitter ranting Charlie is indulging in now.


Do you think Charlie should be saying all of this stuff about his kids' mother?


Image via TMZ

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Sometimes the shoe fits. He's lucky to have Denise in his corner. The difference is Charlie knows what he is and Brooke doesn't.

Coles... Coles_mom

If Denise can and wants to- I think she should continue to care for them.

Melissa Maynard Penrod

Nobody else would surely get as many breaks as they have given Brooke. She has proven time and time again to be a lousy mother. She has been in rehab how many times? I lost count. It has been proven she neglects her kids. She trashes Charlie in the media constantly. It wasn't that long ago that he couldn't have any contact at all with his kids. Now the CPS is retaliating by cancelling his visits. She must have an in with somebody there.


Right you are Melissa!

worki... workingmama86

I think Charlie is right. I can't say he's much better.. but who knows, maybe he'll change and be the better parent that his children need. Maybe he's finally opened his eyes. 

TheTr... TheTruthspeaker

but it's ok for his kids to be expeosed to drug addict porn stars. Also, does he expect us to believe he isn't a crackhead junkie?

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