'Teen Mom' Star's New Tattoo Is a Perfect Match

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Teen Mom Katie YeagerThose Teen Mom stars love their tattoos, don't they? There doesn't seem to be a girl in the pack who hasn't gotten inked up (or at least faked it, right Farrah?). But you have to be pretty brave to go out and get a matching tattoo with someone. What if the relationship goes south? Will you end up regretting the ink that links you together?

It happens all the time -- folks get their tattoos lasered off because they're just not into that person (or their matching ink) anymore. But Teen Mom 3 star Katie Yeager may have stumbled on the one safe bet for matching ink.

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The single reality star didn't get inked with a guy. She did it with her bestie, Sheena Cadena! Now that's the way to do it -- boyfriends may come and go, but best friends are for life!

Just get a load of the girls' matching bow tattoos:


This isn't Katie's first tat. She has several others, including Shakespeare's famous quote "To thine own self be true" on her shoulder and a heart tattooed on her hand. But there is something special about sharing ink with someone else, knowing you're the only two people to have something that links you.

Good for Katie for finding someone who was just right for the honor!

Do you have a matching tattoo with someone else? Who?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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nonmember avatar well...

Not matching tattoos, but of a theme. Three of my sisters and I got the ambigram element designs from Dan Brown's Angels and Demons (air, fire, water, earth). What can I say, we're a set. My older sister's son got the illuminati diamond from the book as his tattoo for his 18th birthday, even.

colin... colins_mom

my best friend and I have matching mother and child tattoos

nonmember avatar traci

me and my sister have stars behind our right ear! My mom, sister and I have frogs on our right foot! and my husband and I have the infinity symbol with our wedding date :)

profo... profoundcheez

My high school BFF/college roommate decided to get the Chinese symbol for "cheese." I know, I know....the worst part is we didn't bother to spellcheck our tats, and ended up (according to our Japanese friend) getting the Chinese symbol for "cool," but not even the cool definition of "cool."

We got "cold"

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