Jenelle Evans Should Be Thrilled Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Is Leaving Her

jenelle evans and nathan griffithPoor Jenelle Evans! Apparently, ever since April, when the Teen Mom star first met boyfriend Nathan Griffith online, the pair has been perfectly happy nesting together in Myrtle Beach. They've rarely spent more than a moment or two apart, but that's all about to change, because Nathan is hitting the road. 

Thankfully, not because of one of Jenelle's signature dramatic breakups. Jenelle tweeted that her MMA fighter man has to get some special schooling out of town. Jenelle tweeted, "My baby will be leaving me soon for 2 weeks for training while I camp out at home." Aww

I could see why she'd be feeling a bit down about it, but Jenelley should consider this an opportunity ...

Living together is amazing. There's no better roommate than someone you love and want to wake up next to every morning. But now and then, it can be healthy to shake things up and spend time apart. Being given the chance to miss one another can actually be all sorts of hot and fantastic and romantic! Think about how sparks fly when you see one another again!

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Over the summer, my husband had to go work out of town for weeks on end. At one point, he was able to come home for about a day during the weekends, but we were going five to six days without seeing one another. And as much as I missed him, I enjoyed missing him, because it meant we were even more excited for one-on-one time and couldn't wait to catch up once we were together, etc. Plus, there's always Skype, FaceTime, and texts, right?

That said, although I'm sure Jenelle is bummed about the time apart from her love, I have a feeling that once Nathan's training wraps up, she'll definitely enjoy welcoming him home!

What's your favorite perk about spending time apart from your partner?


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nonmember avatar ashleigh

I don't like anything about our time apart. We've been together two years and he's been deployed all but three months of that. Anyone who thinks two weeks is hard just needs to suck it up and be grateful it'll never be two years....

nonmember avatar Or

Or... other people can be greatful for all of the time they get to share with their significant other because at least you found someone and at least that person is in your life.

There are people in this universe that have it harder than you. There will always be someone who suffers more. So stop trying to inflate your ego by comparing yourself to someone else.

Anyone who thinks that 21 months is hard needs to suck it up and be grateful it hasn't been 50 years.

You see what I did there?

Sorry, I'm just in a bad mood. Good luck to your S/O, ashleigh. I hope you understand my point and don't think I'm discounting your experience. I wish you guys a long, loving, and fruitful life together. <3 :)

Om Mani Peme Hung

nonmember avatar Lea

Wow, Or... Why don't you try having a husband overseas in a warzone and tell me that's not hard?

Your stupid little comments at the end of your passive-aggressive posts don't fool anyone. You're a douchebag.

Ashleigh, best of luck to you girl. I know exactly what you're going through and it's a heck of a lot harder than being away from your guy for two weeks. People need to toughen up and get over it.

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