Wendy Williams' Comments About Camille Grammer's Abuse Are Disgusting

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wendy williams When a woman steps forward to say that she has been a victim of domestic violence, it's one of the scariest things she can do. Breaking that cycle of shame and abuse is virtually impossible. The women who manage it deserve support and sympathy. Sadly, talk show host Wendy Williams doesn't seem to agree.

When Camille Grammer bravely opened up, publicly sharing her allegations of abuse at the hands of her now-ex-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos, the world was shocked. The graphic images she shared of her shattered phone and clumps of her own hair pulled out during the attack were stomach-turning. Apparently, that wasn't enough proof for Wendy. 

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On a recent episode of her show, Wendy threw some serious shade Camille's direction. You know, because nothing says support and class like publicly saying you smell a rat when a woman alleges abuse. Even if you privately think pieces of the story are missing, maybe instead focus in on the fact that, whatever the truth may be, a woman recovering from major surgery was beaten. Wendy had this to say:

This abuse is very, very serious and because we are women and we’re delicate of sex, it’s very easy to run and say a man abused us and people tend to believe that. However, this story definitely needs more investigation and definitely sounds sketchy to me.

Thanks for you two cents, Wendy. Too bad it's statements like this one that keep women all over the world silent and trapped. I know Wendy means no harm, and to her, she's thinking she's just doing her job. But when it comes to incidents of domestic violence, a less cavalier attitude is definitely needed.

Do you think Wendy was serious or just trying to drum up publicity for her show?


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BiBi Frederick Waltslady

I CANNOT for the fucking LIFE OF ME STAND THAT FUCKING WOMAN!!   She is HORRENDOUS!! And my very reserved catholic church going mother LOVES that show - And my outspoken wild cussing like a sailor ass LOATHES that women with EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING!! lol she is one of the most nastiest people in the WORLD- I feel for Camille when RHOBH first started I thought the woman was KOOKY!! But I can understand why she acted the way she did - The poor woman had shit on a stick for a husband - with that being said Wendy Williams needs to be taken off of TV that whatever she is gives women a bad name

CLM3345 CLM3345

I'm from Colorado and I posted a link and comment on my FB yesterday about the Avalanche goalie beating his gf. One of the first comments was , "You know, some women lie about stuff like this." I was shocked! While we can all have our opinion, and yes, certainley some women do lie about this. I just think we should always assume they're telling the truth and offer protection. In the case of Camille, I also saw photos of some of her bruises. It's a shame. Women need to help and support each other, not accuse and tear each other down.

nonmember avatar yevon51@

even tho I do love wendy from way back in her radio days I was appalled at her comments about Camille. wendy even had pics of the abuse and it seemed she was making fun of Camille, hair pulling incident. I was truly disappointed in wendy Williams. she has no filter

Linda Connell Moore


Well Said! I agree, I can NOT and will NOT ever watch her talk show. I don't understand how someone who is so negative, sarcastic and plainly downright lower than a snakes belly - gets a talk show!

nonmember avatar Tonya Venable

Wendy DID mean exactly what she said ..... As women WE support each other '!! Unless you know for Fact its not true WTF is wrong with Wendy ? Statements such as this is EXACTLY why i can't stand watching Wendy she is never well informed Shame Shame on you Wendy a very Public apologize is and should be expected by all women !!

Barbara Fanderlik Adams

The question: Do you think Wendy was serious or just trying to drum up publicity for her show?         I think If you don't know, you should keep your mouth shut.  Her comments are exactly what an abuser relishes and the abused fear. With out adding gasoline to the fire, Wendy should have been able to convey support for both parties, without throwing Camille under the bus. Wendy your a Talk Host for god's sake shape up.  Never watched her show and this won't make me want to tune it either.



Michele Jenkins Grillo

IF God forbid she ever got her ass beat by a man then maybe shell be appauled when some one dont believe her eve n with evidence! its disgusting that she throws shade like that!

yergi... yergie1985

She should have just taken the opportunity to talk about abuse and encourage women who are being abused to seek help. She didn't have to voice her doubts. Example:

The recent allegations of abuse made by Camille Grammar brings the reality of spousal abuse to the foreground again.....And then go on to talk about signs of abuse, what you can do to help a victim and how the victim themselves can find help. And then simply follow up with wishing Grammar the best. 

But she just wanted to be crude and stupid.

Maria Gutierrez

All she did was state HER opinion and all you ladies are bashing her? Never seen this womans show...and I am a woman from one abused relationship. But I have seen women make falls claims. because they were hurt by these men...emotionally. 

OneTo... OneToughMami

I am just wondering what is making her question this. Does she know something we do not know about these two people? Why is this suspect to her? What is sketchy? I am not one to automatically jump to conclusions but is seems that Wendy either knows something about their personalities or she might just have spoke without thinking.

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