Taylor Lautner Is Officially Back on the Market After Latest Breakup

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Okay, I'm back, and I've calmed down. Well, I've mostly calmed down. It's hard to be suave enough not to squeal when sharing such news as this. Taylor Lautner is totally single again. I know! Let's all take a quick break for cheering, possibly while running around our homes. Back? Good.

I'm not saying that we should be happy to see Taytay suffering any major heartache. If he'd been photographed weeping on the street in light of his breakup with his Tracers co-star Marie Avgeropoulos, that would be a different story. A story that involved much smack-talk. But from the sounds of it, Taylor is doing just fine, both romantically and professionally. 

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His love life has been the subject of massive amounts of speculation -- some might even say scads of speculation. Like me, for example. While he and Marie were often photographed together looking adorable-and-puke-inducing this summer, that hasn't been the case in later days. We don't know what caused the split, but we do finally know it's official. How? Because Taylor confirmed it. When asked recently who he was dating, Taylor had this to share:

[N]obody seriously at the moment. I'm trying to focus on the work right now. I'm sure the tabloids have me with a few different people.

Look at him acting all too cool to care! I kind of love it. It's no wonder his love life isn't a priority right now -- the dude is all over the place building his career. I, for one, am maybe far too excited about his upcoming role in the remake of Boogie Nights. I have to be excited about it. If I weren't, I'd have to become very, very sad that we are remaking movies that were released in 1997. Off to look at more pictures of Taylor's very single abs to console me!

Do you think Taylor's really single, or just trying to maintain some privacy?


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nonmember avatar Mazz588

It everyone insanely stupid. He is not doing a remake of the movie Boogie Nights. He simply did a reading recently for the said movie. And the quote was taken when he was at a premiere for GrownUps 2...before Marie. PLEASE SOMEONE GET THE INFO CORRECT!!!

nonmember avatar leeann

He wss just spotted with Marie or someone who looks like her about a week or so ago. There are pictures even on twitter etc. Of them walking in the parking lot. The single comment was made months ago not recently.

nonmember avatar leeann

The place was I think called "little door" I could be wrong.

nonmember avatar Becky

So is Kristen Stewart would not that be something.

Wednesday Williams

This article needs to be updated. Taylor and Marie were seen out to dinner last week. Check around on twitter there are pics of him and Marie in October.

Monique Wiltz

Taylor made that statement before he and Marie were seen holding hand , the first time.  There is also a recent pic of the two of them together. Taken a couple of days ago.   Unlike many, Taylor does try to keep his private life, private.  As long as he's doing well and happy. That is all that matters.

nonmember avatar Hester

Taylor Lautner tries to keep his personal life private. He is such a gentlement.

bjsmi... bjsmith579

I wish Taylor luck on keeping his private life private. Its so funny that Taylor Lautner dates (or tries to date) every leading lady in the movie with him. But Robert Pattinson gets slammed everyday for even having friends who happen to be women. Its called double standards. I think Taylor is linked to these leading ladies for publicity and promotion. If you notice as soon as the movie is over the tabloids announce Taylor's relationship is over.

nonmember avatar nika

He's beautiful inside and out. I LOVE HIM :)

nonmember avatar Maya

Taylor is young talented and a gentlemen. If he is single or dating that is cool. He is too young to just be with one person. I am just happy he is not with Sara. Keep on doing what u do Tay Lautner. Please make some more movies.

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