'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Bonnie Bennett Should Just Stay Dead

nina dobrev I can't even, with this show. This week, The Vampire Diaries took one step further towards becoming basically The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser. This is not bad, but it is, in a word, confusing. If you tuned in tonight never having seen the show before, you would've changed the channel or wept from confusion. 

The show, as previously discussed, can be cutting and sharp and witty and fun. It can also veer into soap opera territory. This week, between all the dead people coming back to life, all the living people and creatures dying, breakups, and revelations, it was essentially an episode of Passions, only everyone took themselves far too seriously. 


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Jeremy is trying to barter his own life for Bonnie's. Come on -- can't we just let the girl be dead? Damon also wants Bonnie back so that Elena doesn't get depressed and dump him to sleep with new guy Aaron. Also, Silas wants to kill Katherine to find his one true lurv, Qetsiyah wants to kills Silas, and Caroline gets dumped. AGAIN. SO. MANY. THINGS. 

Just after dangling the carrot of a Stefan-Caroline union, stupid Tyler appeared to bang the grieving Caroline. Then he dumped her. I screamed in mock rage on her behalf. With Tyler gone to "make Klaus's life living hell," Caroline can now focus on the newly made vampire Jesse. If she can't be with Stefan, I guess this is the next best thing. In other hot-guy news, there is now a dude named Aaron on the show. He is mourning the loss of all his friends. You know, like old-school Elena, only with a penis. He's also legally guarded by the mysterious and not-sexy-even-a-little Dr. Maxfield. 

Meanwhile, the real meat of the episode was everything we learned about Katherine this week. Remember Nadia? That bitch who was all "Hi Matt, I shall have a threesome with you and then gut-stab you and fill you with ghosts"? Well she is Katherine's ... daughter?! Can you imagine Katherine being your mom? Ha ha I just did and it was great. Additionally, it seems -- if Silas's draining of her was any indication -- that Katherine might still be immortal. Dun, dun, DUUUUUN!

What do you think the deal is with Katherine now?


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