Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Look Like They're Giving It Another Shot

kristen stewart robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn premiere UKLast week, we heard that regardless of their official breakup, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were hooking up. This week, apparently, the former couple was seen reuniting in public yesterday. (E! Online posted a pic of Kristen and what appears to be Rob in their respective cars.)

Kristen was seen pulling into Rob’s gated community, where she hung out for about three hours, an eyewitness told Us. They were spied leaving their meetup spot, and it looked like they were continuing on to her place, but had to axe those plans, because they were being stalked by paparazzi. Way to blow up the romance, paps! But whoa, wait, what does this mean?!


It could mean they're on their way to reigniting their romance! Not only does Rob miss Kristen, but "he for sure wants to see her and will use [their dogs] Bear and Bernie [as an excuse],” a source told “He wants to have a playdate. They used to take long walks in Griffith Park with the dogs when they were together. He wants to do that with her. He will make it seem like the dogs miss Kristen, which I am sure they do, but Rob is the one who really misses her.”

Unsurprisingly, Kristen is PSYCHED about this. A friend of hers claims the actress would be "absolutely ecstatic if Rob reached out to her, and even more so if it involved Bear and Bernie. She would love to see Rob, but doesn’t feel comfortable making the first move out of respect for Rob. He’s the one who said no communication would be in both of their best interests. Kristen never, ever felt that way.”

I don't know about you, but this whole story seems to gel with what we've been hearing all along ... that Kristen never stopped loving Rob, Rob had some wild oats to sow and trust issues to contend with but was still carrying a torch for his ex, yada yada. Now, maybe he's ready to dip his toe back in the water and feel out the idea of getting back together. Nothing wrong with that!

All too often, we write off the idea of getting back with an ex. It's called a breakup for a reason, sure, but who says what was broken can never be fixed? If two people really love one another and want to do everything in their power to make their relationship work, why shouldn't they give it a go? After all, we all know all relationships -- even the ones that have never split up -- take work!

If a reunion is in the cards for Robsten, it sounds like they're going about it in the best possible way: One cautious, thoughtful, and as private as possible step at a time.

Are you rooting for a Robsten reunion? Do you think it's always a bad idea to get back together with an ex?

Image via Rune Hellestad/Corbis

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