Heidi Montag 'Accidentally' Reveals the Sex of Kristin Cavallari's Baby

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The Hills star Heidi Montag sure loves the spotlight, doesn’t she? She took time off from her ridiculous aura pregnancy to send a congratulatory tweet to former cast mate Kristin Cavallari on the announcement of her real pregnancy.

Being Heidi, she of course had to try to steal Kristin’s thunder by maybe accidentally revealing the sex of her unborn child. She tweeted, “CONGRATULATIONS on having another boy! You must be thrilled!!!!!! So excited for you and Jay! Sending my love to your family!”

Cavallari tweeted back, “Lol...@heidimontag jumped the gun...we don’t know the sex.”

Whoops. Before deleting the texts from her account, the bleached blonde attention whore monger clarified, "Ha, I guess not another boy, another baby! ... Oops! Super exciting either way! xo."

Ugh! Who does that? Oh yeah. Heidi does.

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Kristin recently revealed that she’s pregnant with her second child with hubby Jay Cutler. A few months ago, she said that she might like a girl this time around, but another boy would be fun too.

Meanwhile, no word on whether Spencer and Heidi’s aura baby is a girl or a boy. It’s probably all progressive and genderless.

Do you think Heidi revealed the sex of Kristin’s unborn baby, or was it an honest mistake?

Image via A RD/Kabik/Corbis

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Shandi80 Shandi80

Seems like a mistake but...doesn't really matter in the scope of things, does it? 

ninag... ninag1980

I wonder why Kristen still makes headlines.  She hasnt done anything since the Hills.  how is she still relevant?  Im all about reality stars and reality TV, so Im not hating on her, its just interesting that she still gets talked about.  She hasnt been in TV in years(that I know of)

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Okay....I don't get why some people want to keep the baby's gender a secret  until birth. Everyone knows it's will be either a girl or a boy, not a potato.

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