Alexander Skarsgard Stuck in Middle of a Katie Holmes/Taylor Swift Love Triangle

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In these uncertain times, there are only so many irrefutable facts we can all agree are ... um, irrefutable. Like, the sky is blue, rain is wet, and Alexander Skarsgard has his pick of women. Riiight?? I mean, I think it's safe to say there aren't too many ladies out there who'd actually turn the dude down. So now that we've established Skarsgard's IRREFUTABLE power of unlimited choice, let's take a look at who's lining up in the hopes of being chosen right now: Taylor Swift and Katie Holmes. And no, I'm not just throwing those names out there because those two women happen to be filming a movie in South Africa with him right now (The Giver); there are actual bonafide rumors (in Star magazine, fine, but still) that Holmes and Swift are "fighting over" Skarsgard, and who the hell can blame them??

Supposedly, “Film insiders say that both women are vying to win [Skarsgard] over. Taylor is like a giddy schoolgirl around Alex, and Katie is also very into him.”

Now, you may or may not recall, but I did sort of predict this whole thing. Well, I predicted the Taylor Swift part, anyway, and strongly suggested Skarsgard choose an alternate co-star, the obvious contender being Katie Holmes (although Meryl Streep looks pretty damn good for her age!). But it's true -- Katie Holmes is a much, much better choice for ASkars! Here's why:

1. Katie Holmes has never, to our knowledge, written a vengeful tune about an ex-boyfriend.

2. Katie Holmes is older and wiser -- and after what she's been through, would probably genuinely appreciate a non-couch-jumping guy like Skarsgard.

3. Katie Holmes needs somebody to distract her from Jamie Foxx, who's a little too much like Tom Cruise, don't you think?

4. Katie Holmes is a mom, and Alexander Skarsgard is totally good with kids. What Maisie Knew, hello?

5. Katie Holmes is not Taylor Swift.

There, I've made my case. Choose wisely, Alexander. Choose wisely.

Do you think Katie Holmes would make a better girlfriend for Alexander Skargsard than Taylor Swift?


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nonmember avatar Nancy

Ugh...neither one!!!

adamat34 adamat34

Well obviously the smart choice is me......

But, I would pick Katie over the cra cra Swift....

Shes a goofball......

nonmember avatar stargazing

This is a lie. The reputable media has shot it down already.

nonmember avatar Joe

Lmao. This is such BULL. That vampire dude is too ugly and old for Taylor. I am sure she is not interested.

nonmember avatar dude

Ms Burt, Even Perez Hilton and all the other gossip sites have called this story, like every story about Taylor and Skarsgard a total gossip fabrication. But you live in a fantasy world driven by a deep seeded hatred and jealousy of Taylor. You are so delusional you treat an anonymous source at the "Star" as the absolute gospel truth. HOW DOES SOMEONE AS STUPID AND GULLIBLE AS YOU FUNCTION IN THE REAL WORLD? Seek help because every story you write about Taylor shows you are losing your grasp of REALITY.

nonmember avatar Jax

It is completely reasonable to believe that Taylor Swift would go after Alexander Skarsgard. It wouldn't be unreasonable to think she DIDN'T. Give it up, Swift-worshippers. Your idol has a reputation for going after many many men.

nonmember avatar avalon read to much gossip! Even the lowest of the gossips agree this particular story is a total fabrication.

Lilit... Lilith.23


But i'd pic Holmes.

Kellie Renee

Taylor Swift...REALLY???? I hope he gives katie a try cause little miss swift cant seem to figure out which man she wants or she is just a lame-ass girlfriend! i say both, but that's just my opinion.:)

nonmember avatar Nat

I agree with dude above; according to your "About the Author" post. You state that you are easily bored and need entertainment. In my estimation that means you are seeking attention, and consequently you don't give a damn about facts or about people's real intentions. As dude has said above, this "Taylor Swift/Alexander Skarsgard story is a complete fabrication and apparently The Star Magazine is known for spreading false insinuations many times over. so much so, that I hope people will realize what charlatans they really are. And as for Taylor Swift's past relationships, I am willing to bet that any bad reputation that Taylor may have is a complete fabrication created by you tabloid people that have nothing else to do but get your kicks. I strongly stand behind Taylor Swift and whatever relationship she may chose to be in and whatever relationship she chooses to end. She is a free independent woman and her personal life is hers. she's done no wrong. So get off her case.

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