Snooki Shows Pure Class After Rude DJ Attack

snooki It's hard not to love Snooki Polizzi. Even if you weren't a Jersey Shore person OR a Snooki and JWOWW person. Witness just one interview with the spunky minx, and you're sure to find yourself smiling. She was a highlight on Dancing With the Stars this season too, that's for sure. Hence the heartbreak at her totally sudden departure.

She's been making the rounds media-wise this week, talking about DWTS and the new season of Snooki and JWOWW. She's funny, kind, and a total goofball. She also just keeps refining her look the longer she's in the public eye. But even if she looked the same now as she did at the start of her T.V. adventure, that's no excuse for what happened to Snooki on a recent radio show.


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Rude doesn't begin to cover it. D.J. Steffan Tubbs 'forgot' his microphone was on when his show went to commercial and he called Snooki "f***in' ugly." Classy, no? Gotta love Steffan, but he's always quick with the zingers, right? God bless ya, Steff. Can I call you Steff?

Good thing for Tubbs that Snooki isn't like some other easily-angered and hard-to-placate celebrity divas. She could have called his boss and demanded that the dude lose his job. Instead, Snooki gamely called him out on Twitter, saying, "No hard feelings Steffan Tubbs...I am f***in' ugly:(" BECAUSE SHE WAS WEARING ZOMBIE MAKEUP AT THE TIME, TUBBS, YOU FOOL. 

How baller is she? If someone had said that about me -- accidentally or otherwise -- you'd have to scrape me off the floor because I'd be adhered to it with my own tears. But not Snooki, because she is made of leather and fearlessness. Tubbs' station managers made a statement saying he's been reprimanded, but IMHO, he should have been fired.

Do you think the station should have fired Tubbs for his comment?


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