Kris Jenner Finally Explains Her Split From Bruce Jenner

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KardashiansIf you've been wondering why Kris and Bruce Jenner announced their separation only to then show up everywhere together, the answer is simple, says Kris: The sorta not married anymore pair are still best friends and have no plans for divorce. Kris told Kathie Lee Gifford during a podcast: "I adore Bruce. Bruce and I are and will remain best friends. We’re just separated, we’re not divorcing." She even hinted that the two might indulge in the occasional booty call. Ewww.

Kris told Kathie Lee that the two had come to a seriously bad place in their marriage arguing over, among other things I'm sure, whether Kylie and Kendall should drop out of high school, and owning a gun. Kris said: "We came to a place where this isn’t healthy, the way we were treating each other."

I'm sure Kim, Kanye, and baby North moving in with Kris didn't help matters much either.

Well, anyone who has caught even a few of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episodes could see that Kris and Bruce, while they had built a big life together, weren't exactly on the same page most of the time.

So if they've decided to a build a different kind of relationship -- one that allows them to continue to parent and run their businesses (which is essentially their kids) anyway -- then I say good for them. Too many couples drag it on for too long, and by the time they end it, they can't stand each other and the kids have been damaged.

I never thought I'd say that Kris Jenner is sounding pretty mature here, but I think she is. She adds: "We are better people and happier just spending time apart than we are spending time together."

Right on. I'm all for sacrificing things for family -- but when it comes to your mental health, and you've already given it all you've got, then sometimes you've got to give each other space. Or divorce papers.

Besides, the Kardashian and Jenner kids are all pretty much grown up now anyway, and they don't need two parents who are at each other's throats just so they can see them under the same roof occasionally.

Do you think Kris made the right decision? Can space make a marriage happier?


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Catheryn Nell Satterfield

I do understand what they desire make them happy still be best friend around kids etc. I agree with kris I love her and Bruce both

Ralph Washburn

As long as they both realize they are still very much married to each and they both stay faithful to each other, then yes, a separation might be the answer that smoothes this bump they have in their path! God knows I do wish them the best!

nonmember avatar Catherine

Bruce and Kris are awesome parents. They are exactly the kind of parents that my husband and myself are. Subtract the millions of dollars they have as opposed to the lack of dollars we have. To me, they are good and decent people who love their children, and who happen to be extremely rich. Really, the money is the only thing that separates us. A good parent is a good parent.

nonmember avatar julie

are u people that gullible to believe kris is not divorcing due to mega story bucks for her karTRASHian shows??? comeon theres nothing that greedy money hungry fame whore would not do for money and ratings! she wont do a divorce..too much settlement money is involved and the "separation" is all for show ratings. hey peeps she screwed around on robert kardashian with todd then screwed around again with todd on bruce! this females only love besides herself is fame, ratings, money and MEGA shopping sprees in many countries!! WAKE UP! kris jenner and her "girls" are talentless surgically enhanced tramps.

grous... grousseau

Why do you write this dribble? Mommy issues, please. Who cares what Chris and Bruce are doing? I know I don't. What I care about are things that can or will impact my family. Like the recalled motrin, yogurt and dog treats.

nonmember avatar Carrie

Kris sounds almost human. But, we know better don't we. She is a pusher. Pushing her children to make her a millionaire.

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