Tori Spelling Sex Tape Could Be the Answer to Her Financial Woes

Uh oh. When someone is desperate and broke, she or he sometimes does very foolish things to make ends meet. But as easily as I can see Tori Spelling doing something outlandishly out of character in the near future, I would have guessed she'd sell one of her cars or pawn a necklace worth two bazillion dollars that she could use to buy back the mansion she and husband Dean McDermott reportedly sold at a loss

But according to TMZ, my predictions are waaaay off. Tori -- who has strangely been pulling Miley-like appearances in every news channel lately -- may have found a very un-Tori way of making money. And Donna Martin certainly wouldn't approve. 


The former reality TV show star revealed in her new book that she and Dean made a sex tape back in 2009 that one of Dean's friends stole and copies from his buddy's computer. It all sounds like the plot from a very special episode of Beverly Hills 90210 where the gang learns a lesson about true friendship. But Tori insists the tape is out there -- she is, essentially, daring people to find it -- and is now being offered big bucks by Vivid to release the footage to the public.

The porn company is offering Tori big, big bucks to give them the rights to the tape. They're even predicting she'll make more than Farrah Abraham, who reportedly earned a cool $1 million for her, uh, talent. I'm terrified for Tori -- let me rephrase that -- I'm terrified for her four children because the way she's been carrying on lately makes it seem like she really can't get used to the idea of having to curb her expenses. She has admitted that it's been very difficult for her to have grown up in the lap of luxury and not continue to be absolutely filthy rich.

Let's all play our violins in unison for her. 

Given how many celebs have made sex tapes that have since been released, I don't think it's totally nuts to imagine Tori letting this happen. But unlike Paris Hilton and Kim K. at the time her tape was released, Tori has young children. This will follow them for the rest of their lives. Please Tori, don't do it. 

Do you think Tori will let her sex tape be released for money?


Image Via torianddean/Instagram


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