Taylor Lautner May Be Too Perfect for This '50 Shades' Role

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taylor lautnerThere's a few more key roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie yet to be cast -- in particular, a certain close friend of Anastasia's. It's not like the producers have been taking ANY of our suggestions seriously so far, but we just can't help ourselves. Now fans are clamoring for Taylor Lautner to be cast as Jose Rodriguez, Anastasia's hot, nice-guy BFF. Because: "He’s all shoulders and muscles, tanned skin, dark hair, and burning dark eyes." Obviously E. L. James was picturing Taylor when she wrote that description. 

You know what to do, movie producers. Do the right thing. Don't be jerks.

But wait, I just had this thought: Maybe Taylor Lautner is too hot to play Jose! I mean, Jamie Dornan is smouldering and all that, but can he really stand up to Taylor's abs and pecs? (Because of course he'll be shirtless in every scene; otherwise, why bother casting him.) I don't know ... The more I think about it, the more I think casting Taylor might backfire. Are we really supposed to believe Ana will go for Christian after she sees THAT chest? That's so unrealistic. I'm not sure it's reasonable to ask audiences to suspend their disbelief to that extent.

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I know it's been forever since we've seen Taylor in anything. We want to see him. We NEED to see him. But it needs to be the right role. You know, like the true story of a man and his ridiculous pecs as they struggle to come to terms with their hotness or something like that. Look, I'm not a movie screenwriter. I'm just saying. What am I saying? I can't remember. Something about Taylor Lautner ...

Oh yes, now I remember. Taylor as Jose: Sounds perfect at first, but ultimately a bad idea because Taylor might make us forget all about Jamie.

Do you think Taylor should be cast as Jose in Fifty Shades of Grey?


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Jennifer Kralick Bouchard

I actually only read a sample of the books , and don't really know who this guy is , BUT he looks perfect for the role if you ask me . Better than other choices that have seen .

nonmember avatar NoWay

I'm almost old enough to be his mom, but "DROOL" <3<3<3

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Of course he would be perfect for it. The book started as a fan fiction of the Twilight movies. The characters are based on the Twilight characters.

Amanda Ozz

absolutely not. It's like people saying Rob Pattinson should be Christian Grey... this series is a Twilight spinoff. no one from twilight should be in it. Also, I really don't want Taylor to be in another role of a hot guy who doesn't get the girl.. and yeah he's too hot and too known. Better choices: Diego Boneta or someone who looks like a younger adrian grenier

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

Taylor has more talent than that! He is all done with "Twilight series", so why put him in that and screw up other oportunities? He deserves a roll that would boost his ratings even more and above Twilight Saga stuff. After all, he is handsome and deserves what the industry knows he can deliver!!

Edia Fagela

Yes!! but if you're saying he's too hot to be Jose then make him Christian Grey!!!

nonmember avatar Georgetta

WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for taylor lautner jose fifty shades

nonmember avatar Becky

NO Taylor should not play any part of this movie. Give him a good part, in a encouraging movie not a disgrace movie. Taylor keep your shirt on. You got talent use it.

Misty Burke

OK, you DO know E.L. James based the characters of off the Twilight series, right? http:// en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fifty_Shades_Of_Grey

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