Maci Bookout's Rough Past Threatens Her Next Career Move

maci bookoutThere's no doubt about it. When it comes to star power, Teen Mom break-out cast member Maci Bookout has got it in spades. I think it's her magical red hair. It gives her powers. Proving there is life after Teen Mom, Maci is booking all manner of gigs. Girlfriend is making it happen for herself, and this pleases me greatly.

The latest in her long line of professional triumphs is her discovery of the cure for all of the cancers being cast in a new music video! Thankfully she is not going the way of one Farrah Abraham (Ms. Farrah if you're nasty, and I am) and subjecting us to untoward auto-tuned caterwauling. No, no, Maci is performing at the behest of rapper The Instigator.


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True story, all of my friends call me The Instigator. This is not because of my fresh-ass rhymes. It is because of my innate tendency to start trouble. Though admittedly, my rhymes are dope -- this cannot be denied.

Anyway, if you're expecting Maci to be rolling around on the hood of two cars, Tawny Kitaen style, you are wrong and also roughly 45 years old. Instead, from the sound of it, Maci will be playing a character loosely based ... on herself. Her story-line involves throwing a birthday party for her young son and inviting the father who never shows. Paging Ryan Edwards, paging Ryan Edwards. Ryan Edwards, why do you even have a pager, though?

It seems like for every step forward Maci makes, there's someone eager to remind her of Ryan and of her past. Obviously he's always going to be a part of her life (he's Bentley's father). But shouldn't Maci be allowed to have an identity outside of being the girl with a sometimes dead-beat baby-daddy?

Do you think Maci's being pigeon-holed in the role of a Teen Mom?


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