Miley Cyrus Shocks With Halloween Costume No One Would Have Guessed

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I am so proud of Miley Cyrus! For the first time in a long time, she is wearing something appropriate and glam -- and on Halloween, no less. That's no easy feat for even a normal, everyday 20-year-old girl. So what did she dress as? Marilyn Monroe? Jackie O? A 1950s teen in a poodle skirt? Oh, come on. This is Miley we're talking about. Baby steps. No, she instead cleverly paid homage to another scandalous woman from VMA history. Unlike Julianne Hough, she did it in a way that caused no controversy whatsoever. This is a big day, guys!

The "Wrecking Ball" singer and actress posted a photo on her Twitter account of her dressed as Lil' Kim.

The rapper notoriously showed up the 1999 MTV Music Awards show dressed in a mermaid-style lilac catsuit with one breast exposed save for a teeny purple pasty. It's hard to believe, because it really wasn't that long ago, but Lil' Kim caused all kinds of ruckus that night in what now seems like a relatively conservative (for VMA standards) outfit. Even Diana Ross couldn't resist reaching out and playing with her breast. 

It was an awkward and divine moment in fashion history, and Miley was smart to wear this costume. It serves as a reminder to people that, at the end of the day, she is just an entertainer and that maybe we all need to lighten up and laugh at her antics instead of, oh I don't know, chastising her via open letters

But enough about that -- let's focus on how amazing she looks. Her body is flawless, the makeup incredible, and she should seriously consider dyeing her hair that shade of purple because it makes her skin glow. The Queen Bee herself was impressed and tweeted back: “Awwww. Look at my baby @mileycyrus tonight!!! Looking GORGEOUS!!! I wish I was there to squeeze your boob :) :) Love U so much !!!! #mytwin” If Lil' Kim approved, I think it's safe to say Miley hit one out of the ballpark. 

And thank you, THANK YOU, Miley, for managing to pull off this tribute to a woman whose skin color differs from yours without painting your face black. I vote Miley's as the most unexpected and refreshing celebrity Halloween costume yet.

Do you like Miley's Lil' Kim Halloween costume? What did you expect to see her wearing? 


Image Via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Image via Miley Ray Cyrus/Twitter

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linzemae linzemae

I actually really like it

Valerie Metzger

When this is now considered toned down and conservative, I shudder to think of what Halloween will look like when my kids are 20.

nonmember avatar singer825

Lol. Oh it's a sad day when we have to congratulate someone for dressing as someone black and not painting their face black. But she does rock the costume so kudos there.


Love it!  BTW, she looks really lovely in this getup.  Her makeup is flawless.  I barely recognize her.  Even when she is doing the most, Miley is a very pretty girl.  Her skin is nice.  I was thinking she could be a great Cover Girl model. 

Joleen Mische

Seriously, for her, CLOTHES would be a good costume!   just sayin'!

Kathleen Hanson

I'm sorry, I''ll give her credit for not going black-face, but there has to be a line drawn. I'm not 'proud' of her for not doing  black face. She is smart enough not to do something that has upset everyone already this week.  However I am sick and tired of seeing more the bodies  of our celebreties than I see of my own body. I am not a prude, but I think leaving something to the imagination is just a smart move. Nicki Minaj wore electrical tape and little else, Miley did Lil Kim, Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton did Miley. Halloween has become an excuse to go with fewer clothes than usual. 

nonmember avatar Kylie

Miley is it a swimming suit of some sort well I'm ur biggest fan litterly if any one asks a question about u I know it please call me at 2847550 pleAse make my dream come true

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