Bethenny Frankel Invites Omarosa on Her Show & the Results Are Epic (VIDEO)

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Oh my goodness. Talk about girl drama! Former Apprentice reality star Omarosa Manigault went on former Real Housewives reality star Bethenny Frankel’s talk show this week, and there was what can only be described as a smack down.

The notoriously confrontational Omarosa said to Bethenny, “It’s different for you and I; I’m an African-American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things [audience said ooohhhhh!]. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”

At that point the audience expressed more displeasure with their shouts of outrage, and Omarosa defended herself by saying, “I wasn’t calling her mediocre!”

Well, maybe she was. But Bethenny got her own zingers in. When Omarosa declared, “I have an accomplished career,” the hostess of the talk show didn’t skip a beat before asking, “What is it?” The audience went wild.

Take a look at the video:


Who do you think came out on top: Bethenny or Omarosa?

Image via bethenny/YouTube

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nonmember avatar sandy

Yikes, this is an incendiary topic! It is so difficult to comment about any issue wherein race is a factor: Somehow, someone ends up feeling offended. That said, i'm going to try! First, in the name of "transparency," I am a white, well-educated and -informed woman who has in-depth experience with a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, races, and religions. One of the things that strikes me most about minority groups, especially in this country, is that any prejudice against or stereotypes about them often are exacerbated by the groups themselves. Yes, we all need our eyes and hearts to be open and welcoming of all colors and creeds; however, when anger and accusations accompany declarations of unfair treatment, most folks tune out and turn away. Omarasa is a perfect example: Rather than using Bethenny's forum to speak eloquently and calmly about a specific race-related issue (black women striving to succeed), she extends her claws and asserts the injustice of it all. Who wants to listen to or watch that?! Compare Kerry Washington and Omarasa: Kerry makes her statements and works to offset prejudice by gracefully and skillfully focusing on work and charities. Now that's someone worthy of our attention.


Sandy:  Great points and respectfully factual without offending.  It's refreshing.  I can neck roll/eye roll/finger pint witht he best of them, but when I want folks to really listen to me--I try to keep respectful and factual.  With that being said, because I have watched Ms. Omarosa in action before and the video is no longer available, I missed the chance to watch it.  But, I can imagine how silly it was. 

***BTW, I read one of Ms. Frankel's fictional books.  It was pretty good.

nonmember avatar Heather M.

I agree 100% with Sandy's comment. I am in no way making light of past race related injustices and I do believe racism still exists, but I also believe that when people pull the race card it isn't doing anything to close the gap. There are people of all races who are privledged enough to have everything handed to them, even if they are "mediocre". But there are just as many people of all races struggling for success and to reach their dreams. She could have made this a positive platform using her business savy and past experience. But I think Omarosa enjoys creating drama and being mean-spirited. This segment is getting her the attention that her fading "reality" career hasn't.

tansy... tansyflower

well that is her thing. she is crude and mean in public and it gets her attention. she plays the evil villain and does it very well lol. thats what she is known for. that is what keeps her relevant. the public likes seeing this sort of display so she plays the part. but its too bad that she has to walk around like that all the time because i am sure that under the mean comments there is a vulnerable woman who just wants to be loved and appreciated for who she REALLY is.

abra819 abra819

always complaining.


Ughhhh!  Please forgive my typos in my previous comment.  I was trying to look like I am doing busy work as I was talking to a co-worker. 

Krystian Kaufold

She is the reason there is still racism. 

So there is a successful white woman, that she is jealous of, and has to throw the race card around. 

It took Bethenny about a year or so to get her show, it didn't just come easy. She had to work very very hard for her SKinnyGirl cocktails, her own TV show, all of her books. 

Pamzies Pamzies

I think bethenny should be applauded for her calmness. She would not have been that calm a few years back when she was with RHONY! I can't believe how disrespectful a person can be to come on a show and slam the host. I hope Omarosa is not invited to other talk shows after this. Bethenny has created a brand, and is relevant, and inspires women everyday. She does not go around tearing down other women. It makes me sad to see two professional women treat each other that way. 

Krystian Kaufold

Pamzies, I agree with you 100%. 

Look at the way Farrah acted the other day as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I can't believe people are invited to go on these shows and are down right rude and nasty to the host. 

nonmember avatar Denise

Omarosa sure lost her "pastor" persona fast and went right to "ghetto"!!!
Great job on not even going there with her, you just sat back and let the real her come out and self destruct . I would never have her back nor give her one more minute of FaceTime
Love your show!!!!

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