LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Deny Divorce Rumors & They’d Better Be Telling the Truth

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leann rimes eddie cibrianAfter the cheating. After breaking up two families. After the scandal. After the never-ending Twitter feuds. After the critically-acclaimed solo album. After just two and a half years of marriage. After all of that, LeAnn Ries and Eddie Cibrian may be splitting up. This is just a rumor, folks. It could be pure fabrication for all I know. But man, if these two really are splitting up, we're just going to have to ask them: What the hell was the point of all that?!?

Let me start by saying this breakup rumor comes to us courtesy of Star magazine, bastion of truthiness. Except when they're onto something. Here's hoping they're wrong this time.

A source (Brandi?) tells the magazine that LeAnn has been "driving him (Eddie) to distraction with her psycho behaviour almost from the moment they hooked up." Supposedly, Eddie thinks marrying LeAnn is the biggest mistake of his life and... the source really is Brandi, isn't it? Okay, fine, you can't tell me. Anyway, supposedly it just gets worse and worse and Eddie wants out -- as in the second they finish taping that confounded VH1 reality show they're taping right now.

Eddie and LeAnn are denying the rumor. "Amazing how Star dreams up these stories and then prints lies as possible truth," their rep told E!

There's a whole list of offenses: LeAnn is too bossy on the set, she belittles Eddie, she calls Eddie's sons her boys, she gets into Twitter fights with Brandi, something about drinkin'. (It's Brandi! I'm telling you...) You can just imagine. What are they doing, filming a realty TV show anyway? That can't be good for ANY relationship. But you know, as much as I'm willing to believe LeAnn is batshit crazy and as disappointed as I am in her Twitter fighting, I still hope the rumors are false.

After disrupting two marriages I think they owe it to everyone to do whatever it takes to make this marriage work. It's not like they can put anything back together again the way it was before. Something in there was so powerful, they had to pursue it. So? Now that the honeymoon is over and they're settling into the real work of making a relationship last it's time to really dig in and fight for each other.

Then again, a relationship founded on deception may just be doomed from the start.

Do you believe the rumors that LeAnn and Eddie are on the brink of divorce?


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Lilit... Lilith.23

I hope it is -.-

i may not know her but her actions are just....argh she's a homewreccker. I'd punch the living shit out of my partner's skanky gf if she ever tried calling my boys hers or even hinting it.

I hate women that cheats and i absolutly have no respect whatsoever for the men that does too.

Something that starts from lies ends in lies.

MamaB... MamaBearTX

I believe there's more truth to the article than not.  Leann's fascade of happy happy, joy joy was too overplayed to be true.  Sorry, but their relationship is not the great love story she's trying to shove down everyone's throat.  Although I believe people do love beyond physical beauty, Eddie is not that type of person to do so.  He's just not.  Also, she really doesn't have a good track record on being truthful: like when she denied she was having an affair, when she said she was too sick to perform and canceled a concert and was later caught at a basketball game stalking Eddie, when she said she would never do a reality show, like when she said she broke/fractured her hand/fingers but photos show her using it with no problems, etc.  So her denials really don't mean much.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Can you imagine how many crazy things she will do if its true!

Leigh Anna Clark Young

If this is true what do they expect?  What did ANYONE expect?  If you build something on sand it will eventually wash away...

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

Sorry to say " Ones a Cheater always a Cheater "   and I really do not feel sorry for LeAnn Rimes , I think she jumped in this to fast, they met on a set of a Movie and a couple of month later they already Engaded .....To fast, and he cheayed on his Ex and who know how many times he did that, and I bet that he already cheated on LeAnne more then ones , well I guess and hope she learned from all this...

Brenda Miller

Home Wrecking Witch Deserves Nothing But Misery..Made My Day !!!!!! <3

Genie Simi Heldt

Wouldn't surprise me in the least if it's true. But my question is, if it is true and they split, who will Brandi obsess about then? Let's face it, Brandi has milked this situation for all it was worth. I'm sure Eddie probably cheated throughout the whole marriage to LeAnn. You know what they say...Karma bites and I think LeAnn might just be finding that out.

Barbara Bailey Richardson

Stars denying their impending breakups are the norm. More often than not (latest example Kris and Bruce Jenner). It is painfully obvious that LeAnn has some "issues" that could very likely make her husband become disenchanted with her in the land of disposable relationships, Hollywood.
Brandi very well may be the source, who's to say she isn't a reliable one in this situation, she certainly is close to the situation, probably closer than most realize.

Daniel Clark

did any one for get that his ex wife got picked up on a drug charge and im sorry i dont bleave there braking up he was just there for her when she lost her voice and im sorry i like her and this is got his ex wife all over it and some times step moms make a better mom then a kids real mom my step mom did the same to me becouse my real mom was a witch and my step mom is a better mom

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