Jenelle Evans 'Accidentally' Shows Off Her Best Assets on Instagram (PHOTOS)

jenelle evans instagramOh, Jenelle Evans. You may think you're just innocently Instagramming selfies like everyone else these days, but what's up with the "unintentional" cleavage in almost every single one?

Ha, yup. Take a quick peek at the Teen Mom star's Instagram feed, and it appears that her latest vice seems to be snapping candid pics that -- oops! -- offer a glimpse at her cleavage. The most recent snap (right) is just one example. Check out even more evidence below ...


Pretty! But obviously, Jenelle has a penchant for showing off her breast implants. She admitted back before she got them that she was insecure about her smaller chest, so I'm not exactly surprised that she wants to give them full, er, credit in her selfies these days. And to be fair, it's not like she's doing something no one else is guilty of!

Admit it: When taking a selfie, we ALL make sure to take the most flattering angle and/or filter, quite often making it seem like we unintentionally shot our best, sexiest feature. And it's cool. Not everyone wants to unapologetically flaunt their assets like some Instagram fans (cough Kim Kardashian).

So to Jenelle and all you other Instagrammers out there making not-so-subtle attempts to show off your most prized physical attributes, go for it. Just know that even if you're not snapping blatant butt selfies, your followers are totally on to you.

Be honest: How do you make yourself look your best in photos? What feature do you flaunt?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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