Latest '50 Shades' Shake-Up Makes the Movie Look Like a Hot Mess

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fifty shades of grey bookJust when the Fifty Shades of Grey movie appeared to be on track, here comes more news that there may be worrisome cracks in the foundation. A third screenwriter has been tapped to "polish the script," The Wrap reports. If you recall, Kelly Marcel wrote the original script -- and then Patrick Marber hopped on (around the time Charlie Hunnam walked) to "do a polish and character work on the script." And NOW, screenwriter Mark Bomback -- known for action films like Wolverine, Total Recall, and The Fast & the Furious franchise -- is working on it. Hrmmm.

While producers often bring a new writer on as they get closer to shooting, Bomback's arrival on the scene is a bit of an eyebrow-raiser.  Why do they need two polishes, one by an action film-oriented scribe?

Granted, the guy did work on one similar flick. The Wrap notes that he was the sole writer credited on the kinky 2008 sex club thriller Deception, which found Michelle Williams caught between Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor. Hot. So maybe he is perfect for the gig, after all.

Maybe it also means the script needed an injection of adrenaline. It's possible that Kelly and Patrick got a bit too much into Ana and Christian's character development, and the script was lacking, well, ACTION! And not necessarily in the Red Room of Pain.

Who the heck knows ... but it doesn't seem to bode well for the end result. The more cooks they bring into the kitchen, the more this flick is starting to look like a sinking ship that can't be saved.

Why do you think Fifty Shades' producers would've needed to bring an action screenwriter on-board? Does this news make you less hopeful that the movie will be a success?


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fifty shades of grey


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لطيف نجمة

Maybe, I always thought the Book is a Bad Novel, anyone can write something like that! When I heard about the movie, always said to myself "The script has to be very good for have an interesting film!" because in the novel the characters are "adults" and their dialogues are like they were TEENAGERS! for god sake!, but this change of screenwriter (3rd) makes me think producers really have doubts about the movie, and Charlie may have had influence on that according to the rumors that he wasn't glad about the script and offer better ideas for the role! And they didn't like it because of $$$$, simple! that's what I think! :) . The cast are having a huge risk in their careers!

Suzanne Goodspeed

Didnt Charlie say something about the bad script? I think thats maybe a big part of why he walked, its a risky part already then he gets the script and it sucks.

Veronica Spaulding

after charlie left i knew the movie was gona flop--the casting is horrible, they have a low budget and half the people involved havent read the books-.      hell to be honest honestly my bf are  christian and anas age--dye my hair n gives us make up and we will be more then happy to give u a film 

Clara Tezolin

 this flick is starting to look like a sinking ship that can't be saved.

said it all!!!!

Dominique Marie Gutierrez

I don't care if its good or bad. I'm a true 50 fan and I will love it no matter what.

As long as the charactors are the RIGHT actors.

Linda Taylor

ohhh man...I thoughtyou were gonna say that they have brought Charlie Hunnam back on board!!!!! DANG!!!

Laure... Lauren0983

WOW this script really must be bad! I bet this is in fact why Charlie left. 2 additional screenwriters? Seriously? I'm a HUGE fan of these books but after everything that's happened and with this horrid current cast and the fact that this all seems to be unprofessional with an amateur team behind it, they need to CALL IT QUITS! They're going to ruin these books with this film. After Charlie quit the film's getting even more bad media attention and negative remarks. They either need to let it go completely or hand it over to a TV network like Showtime, HBO, Starz or Cinemax and let them write, completely recast, and make it.

Barb Talbott Daigle

Always thought the movie would ruin the books.  Seems that I was right.  Give it up.


nonmember avatar KatieGirl

OMG, We need to stop hawk-eying this damn film- Relax, its going to happen- Let's just enjoy it when it does. Sit back and re-read the books for a few months ;)

Zetta Nganga

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