Robert Pattinson Might Have Been Cast as Christian Grey if It Weren't for Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Even though the Fifty Shades of Grey movie has officially found its leading man (or so we hope) in Jamie Dornan -- it's still tough not to wonder about how many other hunky dudes would've fared if they'd been cast as Christian Grey.

It really seemed like the most highly coveted movie role in Hollywood, but it turns out not everyone was interested in taking it on. Get this one, supposedly Robert Pattinson turned down playing Christian Grey -- and it's all Kristen Stewart's fault.

Yep. Apparently Rob was indeed approached to play Christian, but before accepting the part, he decided to run it by KStew first. And duh, she wasn't on board. Supposedly she told Rob that being in the Fifty Shades movie "would be a disaster for him," and she thought it would leave him with a "worse label" than Twilight did for the remainder of his career. And so he turned down the gig.

Wow. She may have cheated on him and ripped his heart in two, but at least Kristen gave Rob one thing he'll have for the rest of his life -- his dignity.

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Sure, he would've been all sorts of sexy and steamy as Christian -- but can you imagine what a negative effect the role would've had on him professionally? He's finally at a point where he's really branching out and (sort of) shedding the whole Edward Cullen thing. The last thing he needed to do was brand himself as Christian Grey, which would've ruined every other role he portrayed going forward.

(Um, it's kind of hard to take a guy seriously when you can't stop picturing him naked in all sorts of compromising positions.)

Everything has a silver lining -- even a relationship gone sour. If nothing else, at least Rob has something positive that came out of dating KStew.

Huh. Maybe just to be on the safe side, he should give her a call before accepting movie roles from now on. Can't hurt, right?

Do you think Rob would've made a good Christian Grey?


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BPayne09 BPayne09

Highly coveted movie role? You really think so? This movie is a joke just like the books.

CLM3345 CLM3345

No. Thank God he turned down the role.

Jeannie Seely

He is not manly enough to play Christian Grey. The only thing he has in common with Christian is he can play the piano. Oh and I forgot his giant ego. Maybe he should have done the movie it could not be as bad as the rest of his movies.

Mary Santora

u people just blame Kristen 4 everything dont u? Thats terrible!

nonmember avatar Ashley

Honestly I don't think Robert Should play Christian Grey. I don't think anyone would agree but I was thinking Johnny Depp would have made a perfect Christian Grey. That's who I seen Christian Grey as I read the book.

Patty Kohenskey

I agree with Kristen for doing the movie. She is always give Rob accent on things in his career like writer sing

ShayL... ShayLayne

He isnt even a good actor. Sorry but not sorry.

Frances Campbell

He would have been a horrible Christian!  How could he possibly portrayed an Alpha dominant male when he couldn't keep his girlfriend from cheating on him in public?  No, he was not right for the role and I'm elated he refused it,  if indeed he did.

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