7 Skin-Crawling Horror Movies Based on Real-Life Hauntings (PHOTOS)

horror movies based on true storiesMy Halloween tradition in recent years involves three mission-critical components: 1) trick-or-treating with my kids, 2) secretly raiding their candy stash after they go to bed for my favorite treats (what, it's not like they're going to miss one fun-sized Kit Kat) (okay fine like eight fun-sized Kit Kats), and 3) forcing my husband to watch a horror movie with me. My husband hates horror movies, so my entertainment is twofold. There's the scary stuff happening onscreen, and the hilarity of my husband moaning from the couch, "Ugh NO. Why are they -- NO. WHY. GOD, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS."

Anyway, if you're also thinking ahead to what horror fare you'll be serving on Halloween evening, consider this list of scary movies that are supposedly based on true supernatural events. Did the hair-raising scenes in these movies really happen? You'll just have to watch and decide for yourself ... after you go to sleep with the lights on, of course.

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nonmember avatar morgani

made my husband go buy the conjuring for me last week. im a huge scary movie fan and that movie scared the crap outta me! it was by far the scariest movie ive seen in a long time.

adamat34 adamat34

This is the same list recycled over and over.....need some new horror movies!!

Shandi80 Shandi80

I liked the Conjuring. I want to see some of those other ones on the list, too. 

nonmember avatar P

I'm pretty sure Amityville has been proven to be a hoax over and over again.

cmjaz cmjaz

Conjuring was very good. I remember audrey rose scaring the crap outta me when I was a kid

nonmember avatar jazziray

Amityville is not a hoax!! That shit happened. The dude is actually in jail for that !! Do your research. They don't even let tourist into the house anymore!!

Catherine Colby-Nisonger

 amityville both happened and didn't happen,  the guy is in jail because he killed his family it has nothing to do with the house or anything apparently you don't do enough research either because then you would know that the family that currently lives in the house has lived there peacefully for years and that George lutz was a Satan worshiper and that was the cause of the "horror " that happened,  and isn't it even a tincy bit suspicious that Ronny Defoe changes his story every time he is asked about it? think about it and if you would like to argue i have been studying since i was five and actively studying paranormal phenomena as long as i can remember try me 

mygar... mygardenia

The Amityville Horror is completely false. The others I don't know. 

claud... claudiaj1218

yeah, apparently the Amityville Horror was all a hoax. the Warren's were involved with that case,too, but after the Lutz's had moved out. they met with an author so they could tell their story. he said that they seemed like very level-headed people. but after the three of them had had their fourth bottle of wine, that was when they started to embellish things and make stuff up. also, apparently Ronald DeFeo, who is still serving 6 life sentences (one for each family member he killed) has said that he didn't actually hear voices telling him to kill his family. he just made that up so he would have a better insanity plea. obviously, the jury didn't buy it. the house is still a privae residence to this day, and none of the other owners of the house have reported experiencing the same things the Lutz's did.

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