‘Twilight’ Bloopers Trailer Reveals Secret Romance We Can’t Believe We Missed (VIDEO)

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stop touching meAll this time fans were obsessed with the real-life romance between Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, it looks like another romance was brewing right before our very eyes. And it's only now that we're seeing the bloopers trailer from the Twilight Forever box set that it all becomes perfectly clear. Robert Pattinson had the hots for Taylor Lautner.

Don't believe me? Check out this clip! Rob can't keep his hands off his co-star.

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There they are, in the tent scene. Kristen is buried under a sleeping bag somewhere. She makes a joke, telling her co-stars not to fight with each other. But who cares, she might as well be invisible. It's all about Taylor's abs, the way they glow in the the fake camp light. Rob can't help caressing Taylor's bare shoulder, and we can't blame him. Drunk with lust, Rob paws, and Taylor suddenly becomes aware of his co-star's advances. "Quit touching me!" he says. But we all know what he really means: "Ooh yeah, Rob. Keep touching me. Juuuust like that ..."

I'm sorry, where was I? Oh yes, I was just about to tell you about the part where Taylor boldly claims he's hotter than Rob. I don't know why he felt the need to state the obvious. WE KNOW, TAYLOR, WE KNOW.

What we don't know is where all this chemistry went. Why did Rob end up dating Kristen when it was Taylor TLA all along? And where did all that love go? I guess we'll never know. But as long as Rob is partying and dating every single in Hollywood, I think he should give Taylor another chance. Clearly this was a missed opportunity.

Are you planning to get the Twilight boxed set?


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Roxy Cooper Zavala

this is stupid and the writer must be gay. they are all just having fun together.

Angela Batchelor

I giggled when Robert slipped into his natural accent at the end.  That was adorable.

Melis... MelissaListens

Get a grip haters. It's just a JOKE. Ever heard of sarcasm??

Marie Peat

Not available in my location??? Dammit, I'm not on Mars!

smtxc... smtxcowgirl

Angela, I liked that too :-) It makes me wonder how aware actors are when they are speaking in a different accent on camera or on stage.  

Chip Wright

I can't believe the writer wrote all that crap from that. REALLY? Quit smoking the crack. That is how horrible rumors get started. I will say thanks for the out take though, I hadn't seen that one.

Linda Kimpton Murrell

 Thats in the film is'nt it and the book forgods sake get a life will you and  stop starting rumours. i'm starting to think when you can't get the news on the twilight stars you make it up

Christina Osborne

Did you just say 'I'll make her toast someday?' HAHAHAHAHA

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