The Real Reason the 'RHOM' Divas Won't Be Back Next Season (VIDEO)

Stuck in Reality 16

We're into episode 12 of The Real Housewives of Miami and I have to tell you all the reasons I love Lisa Hochstein and why I call her the Windup Housewife.

How do you successfully start drama at a party without getting caught doing it? And in answer to Twitter questions, WHY do I think The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies are more confident than our gals in Miami?

This week in Miami we have Lea Black and Adriana de Moura finally together for their big make-up scene. In today's exclusive video I discuss other epic feuds (Jill Zarin & Bethenny Frankel, Kim Zolciak & NeNe Leakes), and why I think Adriana and Lea's make-up was "just OK."

One thing that we don't tend to see TOO much on Miami is the product placement parade. However, this week Lea managed to get both her handbags and her beauty line into the episode. How'd she do that? I discuss what it takes to make a good scene involving product lines.

Did you hear about former Beverly Hills cast member Camille Grammer's latest troubles? We discuss that, plus what Nancy Grace had to say about the Giudice's legal woes and what we might hear this week regarding's Joe's DMV case. All this and more in the video below!


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nonmember avatar Justcruising

You look great and love your info...get a teleprompter tho because you keep looking down and it is distracting. You can get an app on your phone or ipad!

Kathy Hook Fischer

Great as always! Love your recaps and inside info

nonmember avatar Lori

As usual, you hit every nail on the head! I love your reports!

Sandy Beech

Great recap.  I can't wait for RHOBH!  Trial date for Joe Guidice is set for Nov 19th.

Calvin Right

are you suggesting Camille drama is a PR stunt for new RHOBH? that doesnt make any sense cuz she not even on the show now. I would think she wants it to flop at this point. As for the Bev hills cast being confident; Brandi, Kim & Taylor I wouldnt classify as confident by any stretch. Brandi is brash to cover her insecurities she doesnt strike me as confident at all. Lisa & Kyle I would say are the only confident ones. I think the Miami cast are overall more confident actually. 

Lee Garrigan

First time I've seen the Stir, Alex was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar maryann

Wow Alex your comments about Camille are cold. Really disappointed in you. SMH. That's really a shame you would think like that. Seriously, wow.

Linda Nyland-Martarella

Love your quips. You look great. this is a good spot for you. i will be coming back and checking on your Stir! I have missed you and Simon since you left. Keep up the appearances. Loyal Linda

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