'DWTS' Recap: Most Unbelievable Elimination Yet Is Unfair and WRONG

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Gee. Thanks a lot, Dancing With the Stars. Just when we finally got "What Does the Fox Say?" out of our heads, Team FoxingAwesome had to put together that wacky routine for the group dance. Now we'll all be up for hours tonight trying to forget about it. (The song ... not the dance itself.)

While the individual performances were really killer tonight, those group routines really stole the show. Personally, I enjoyed Team SpookyBomBom's cemetery thing way more -- because it was entertaining, not annoying! (What does the fox say? I don't give a sh*% anymore.)

And I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was beyond amazing -- especially with her toe touch basket trick. (That's what someone on Twitter called it. Don't hate me for not being a cheerleader.)

Yep. Snooki freakin' killed it. And everyone on Team SpookyBomBom should be thanking her and kissing her feet. Ok, enough fluff -- time to cut to the chase.

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How in the HELL did Snooki a.) wind up in the bottom two, and b.) end up being the one with the lowest scores -- thus sending her home this week? Seriously, I'm speechless.

Actually, scratch that -- because I have quite a bit to say about this nonsense. Are the nice folks over at ABC sure there wasn't yet another glitch in the voting system -- like there was last week?

I'm sorry, but Snooki going home is bullshit, people. And to be honest, the only reason I can think that she possibly wound up with the lowest number of votes is because there was some sort of mistake, or fans sadly forgot to vote after last week's show, or DWTS is totally rigged and they send certain people home at certain times to keep things interesting.

Whatever the case, tonight's elimination is a major disappointment -- and is also just really unfair.

Snooki worked her butt off to make it this far in the competition, and she deserved at least a few more weeks in the ballroom.

On that note, I'm going to attempt to pick my jaw up off the floor while trying to get that stupid ass song out of my brain at the same time.

Do you think Snooki deserved to go home?


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flood... flood1971

I pity you.

kelti... kelticmom

Absolutely not! I am pissed. She got all 9's last week and this week, yet she goes home???!!! Bill Engvall is a nice man, but he can't keep up with all the other talent. This show is so rigged.

nonmember avatar Amber

You're a little too invested in this show. She had the least amount of votes so she got sent home. Oh well. Its a celebrity dancing show. Calm down.

Veela Veela

LMAO. No, she didn't deserve to go yet - but it's not unfair or wrong. She wasn't 'sent home' by votes, people just didn't vote for her enough. There's nothing unfair there, unless you want a show based solely on judges scores. Which is hilarious since most everyone who will complain about their favorite couple not getting votes are probably the same people criticizing the judges scores week after week. 

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

WOW I was shocked, I personally do not like Snookie but I had to vote for her last week and this week because she was good. And as much as I like Bill he just can't seem to improve and should have gone home, Dereks team was AWESOME.

Kathleen Carpenter

I was shocked....she's been just great. I was not a Snooki fan at all but the girl can dance.....she didn't deserve to be eliminated.

Cooks... Cookster792

I do not watch this show anymore because it has become a popularity contest. Also year after year they give Derek someone with experience. I would rather watch paint dry.

ltc9958 ltc9958

Let's be real-- IT'S RIGGED. The producers know what the voting looks like by the time the show starts. They can tell the judges who to pad in their scores and who to lowball. This season has just proved how manipulated this show has become (as if it wasn't obvious enough after Shawn lost last year). 

Becky Williams Sanchez

That's what happens when people don't vote. Anyone is fair game and all can be sent home at anytime especially when PEOPLE DON'T VOTE. I'm happy to see Jack and Bill still in the competition. Now they are ones that really work their butts off.....

Kelly Norlund

I think it was unfair, she was great, Her reaction said it all, Clearly, she was hurt and very upset. Her face said it all. I am beginning to wonder if this is rigged. Leah should have been the one sent home.Not Snooki!!

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