Jason Aldean's Tour Bus Hits & Kills Pedestrian

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jason aldeanIt's one of those wrong place, wrong time stories that just leaves you shaking your head. A man was struck and killed by Jason Aldean's tour bus in Knox County, Indiana at around 1:30 in the morning. Horrifying doesn't even  begin to describe this shocking tragedy. Aldean, who was on the bus at the time, took to Twitter to reach out to the victim's family.

Apparently, Albert Kennedy had walked out into the middle of the road and was hit by the bus. Offering his condolences, the crooner wrote:

With a heavy heart, I'm sad to say that a man passed away last night after stepping out in front of my bus in Indiana. In all the years I've been touring and all the miles we've driven, nothing prepares you for something like this to happen. I'm praying for Albert Kennedy's family and friends today and ask that you do the same.

It's unclear why Kennedy was on the road walking, but there is an investigation underway into the accident. But so far it appears to be just that -- an accident. Of course, Kennedy's family is suffering the most at this time, but Aldean is clearly shaken too. And understandably so. It's been a rough year for the "My Kinda Party" singer. While he has been the darling of the county music scene, his personal life has taken a serious down-swing.

After 12 years of marriage, he filed for divorce from wife Jessica Ussery. The split came after he was photographed being affectionate with American Idol contestant Brittany Kerry. Aldean gave a public apology but the damage to his marriage was already done.

Do you think Aldean's tweet to the victim's family was appropriate?


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bills... billsfan1104

I feel sorry for the driver of the bus too.

Kathy... Kathy112761

Such a tradegy, my prayers go out to this guys family and also to the bus driver and Jason too.

nonmember avatar Shaundrakilgore

So sorry for the family!! And prayers also goin up for Jason and the crew!!

Ebony83 Ebony83

Wish the county I live in was getting its five minutes for something less tragic. Prayers to everyone involved. :-(

auror... aurora.dove

I think the tweet was appropriate, It is a sad thing that happened, and I think it was a nice thing of him to do. Not many celebrities would take the time out to wish condolences to the family in a situation like this.

nonmember avatar JLW

Yes, it was appropriate. He is very shaken by what happened and made sure the family is taken care of during the difficult time.

April T Elliott

Yes I think it was appropriate. It shows not only his fans but also people all over the US what a kind heart he has and I'm sure if he wasn't famous he would have found a way to reach out to the family someway as well.. This man has an awesome job but is a human, puts his pants on just like everyone else every morning, He doesn't act like a celebrity during something like this he's showing his true side and for that I am and always will be a Jason Aldean fan.

Elaine Cox

you really gotta ask if offering sympathy is appropriate?...prayers to all


So was the point of this story about the tragedy that occured,or an open door for you to touch on Jason's personal life? I think the latter of this article should have been left out as we all know about this, and focus be more on the tragedy at hand. Sometimes I seriously think this is nothing but a gossip column.

Hayley Shaver

I think he should have rated them at least as important asa phone call.  Tweets to everyone aren't very personal.  I think it might be a good gesture if he gave the bereaved family something like a personal visit or some concert things like shirts or cds signed by him.

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