'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Mackenzie's Dad Is Brutally Honest (But He's Right)

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Mackenzie Douthit McKeeIf you haven't been watching Teen Mom 3 because it hasn't been quite as dramatic as its predecessors, episode 11 might change your mind. Mackenzie Douthit and Briana DeJesus both blew up at their parents, and Katie Yeager's mom called the cops on ex-fiance Joey Maes! To top it off, Mackenzie's dad said one of the saddest things I think I've heard out of any of the parents of the girls on the show so far ... and it was made sadder still by the fact that he's right.

In a huge 180 from the way they left things last week, when it looked like Josh and Mackenzie were over for good, the young Oklahoma couple has managed to patch things up (which, let's face it, we KNEW was going to happen). Josh's friend managed to be the voice of reason and tell the cowboy he should be spending more time with his son and answering his girlfriend's calls. But being a better boyfriend doesn't mean Josh is thinking about the needs of his child, and sadly tonight Mackenzie wasn't either.

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When Josh called at 10 p.m. because he wanted to see her, she decided she'd wake her sleeping baby and go out on the town with her guy.

Her parents got mad, and well, can you blame them? She wants to go out, so she wakes an infant up at 10 a.m. to drag him along? Josh clearly has no idea what a baby needs -- probably because he's never actually AROUND his baby -- and although Mackenzie seems to know what her baby boy needs, she just can't say no to anything Josh wants, even after he's been treating her like dirt. She's so twisted by this guy that she'll put him in front of her baby, and the baby is the one who's getting hurt.

As Mackenzie's dad said,   

If they raise him like they're going now, he don't stand a chance.

Fortunately he made the comment to Mackenzie's mom rather than to his daughter, but the Douthits were pretty clear with their daughter that she needs to make some hard choices. Her baby needs to come first!

They weren't the only parents laying down the law. Roxanne DeJesus and Brittney ganged up on Briana about a new guy she's seeing, a guy Brittney said is bad news. They might have been a little harsh on her; she didn't even go out on one date with the dude before Mom and Big Sis were already envisioning her pregnant with a second kid. But Roxanne did have a point; a guy who is texting and calling you at all hours of the night doesn't know what being a mother entails. Babies need sleep! The phone shouldn't be ringing at 11:30 p.m.!

Katie Yeager's mom got into it tonight too, but it wasn't with her daughter. Joey Maes has already moved on from his fiance after just three days, and Katie was moving out of their apartment that they shared together when Joey started throwing things again. Things got scary when he grabbed baby Molli and started making for the door. He was pushing his body up against Katie and against Katie's mom, not really seeming to pay attention to what was happening to Molli, who was screaming and crying for her mom. 

By the time the cops showed up, things were calmer, but it's becoming more and more clear that these two should stay far, far apart.

Which is pretty much what can be said for Alex Sekella and Matt McCann. Without Matt in the picture, Alex had a good night, even going out with a friend to a concert while her mom watched Arabella.

What were you thinking when Mackenzie and her parents were fighting? Who was right?


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Elaine Cox

Fortunately he made the comment to Mackenzie's mom, rather than to his daughter...I think you left off a "u" and an "n" on the front

Tangible Tangible

10 p.m or 10 a.m.???

Proof your writing, much?

Bmabes Bmabes

How do these writers still have jobs?? I can't get away with these kind of typos in my college class, let alone my professional life... You "writers" embarrass yourselves and should probably find another line of work.

Heather Boise

these girls need to realize that their parents are supporting these babies  right now and they dont want the girls to get pregnant again so they have another mouth to feed and im disappointed in josh for coming over at 10;00 at night and waking gannon up

Valarie Soulia

the father was right she needs to take responsibility for her action she has a little baby boy she needs to give her attention to and that should be the only one that is really important...

Krystian Kaufold

Daddy was right, sorry. 

I normally like McKenzie, but last night was just wow. 

Brianas mom is just a fucking physhco. Who wants her daughters to be miserable just like her. 

Jessica Briggs

McKenzie's dad is right about what he said.
I think that Briana's family was to hard on her about dating.

nonmember avatar Kara

As a mom, I know first hand how difficult it is to raise children. As women, motherhood comes natural (to some of us, anyway) but we do not get any handbooks teaching us the how, what, when and why of parenting. Its difficult enough being a grown women with a career and raising a family, I really can't imagine how hard it must be for these girls. I think Mackenzies parents only want to see her do the right thing, as well as the rest of the moms. Unfortunately, if Briannas mom and sister don't ease up, shes going to wind up pregnant again.. Give the kid a break! Mack should have drawn a line w her baby daddy tho, if he loves her, he can wait til the morn!

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