Now '50 Shades' Fans Will Have to Wait Even Longer to See the Film

jamie dornan kissing jennifer morrison once upon a timeJamie getting his romance on in 'Once Upon a Time'Surprise, surprise! Due to Charlie Hunnam walking and the Christian Grey recasting fiasco ensuing, Fifty Shades of Grey's production start date has been pushed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No matter that Jamie Dornan has signed on as the new leading man. There's no way it's humanly possible for everyone associated with the flick to get their acts together enough to begin filming next month as originally planned. So instead, they'll begin filming on Dec. 2.

Of course, this timeline shift has everyone wondering if it'll be possible for the studio to hold tight to the promised release date of August 1, 2014 ...


Sure, films can get turned over pretty quickly, especially when there are no big, complicated effects or stunts to worry about. But do fans really want a rush act? What does it really matter if the movie comes out next summer or next fall -- or even winter?

At this point, the worry that the studio must finish the film in order to capitalize on readers' interests is ridiculous. Either way, the movie is going to be coming out pretty much a full TWO years after Fifty Shades hit its peak fascination. Which means, either way, whether its released on August 1, September 1, or beyond, the studios are going to have to inspire new interest in the film itself vs. attempt to light an old flame for fans of the books. In other words, because they've had to push everything back, they'll have to make an even stronger case for us to see the movie. And as far as I'm concerned, that's GREAT news!

I want to know what the movie has to offer that the book didn't, because -- let's be honest -- the book was a pretty sad example of literature. I want to believe that the movie is going to take what E.L. James began, run with it, and make something even hotter, deeper, and more thought-provoking. Universal and Focus should embrace that opportunity!

That said, to hell with the original release date. I'm sure fans would agree ... They oughta take as much time as they need to make something worth watching!

How attached to that August 1 release date are you? Would you rather the movie came out later if it means it'll be better?


Image via Sergei Bachlakov/ABC

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